Life Lesson 2635: “On Gift Baskets & Leotards” -or- “Retail Employees are Not All-Knowing!”

This morning I went into the UPS store to send out a package. As I was standing at the counter filling out the form, a woman walked in and asked the clerk if they carried the plastic/cellophane bags that you would put a gift basket in. 

When the clerk told her that they didn’t carry such bags, the woman became visibly frustrated and asked the clerk where she would be able to find such a thing. 

(Reminder: this was at the UPS store — a tiny little place where you can send packages, make copies and maybe have a small spiral bound book prepared. No gift wrap or gift basket accessories in sight.)

The poor clerk fumbled and mumbled around a bit, trying to figure out an answer to give the antsy woman until I stepped in and suggested she try a party store (to which she seemed surprised to hear, which was rather surprising in itself!).

As a former retail employee, it’s always funny to me when people seem to assume (and sometimes demand) that you’re in on where anything and everything is sold, no matter how different it is from the types of products your store carries. It’s like they expect you to be a bottomless wellspring of information  or something. 

It reminded me of the time when I worked at a local Christian bookstore and a woman walked in, directly to my counter, and asked me if we carried leotards.


(“Yes ma’am, you’ll find those right between the Veggietale DVDs and the John Macarthur commentaries.”)

Actually, I told her we didn’t carry them. She then asked if I knew where she could find one.

I seem to remember cracking out the Yellow pages for her.

Anyone else have some funny retail stories?


3 responses to “Life Lesson 2635: “On Gift Baskets & Leotards” -or- “Retail Employees are Not All-Knowing!”

  1. I keep getting calls at work asking if we are Cracker Barrel – they want to find a store location, if we carry Elvis purses, and also do a survey on their visit! I’ve gotten about 5 calls now.
    Yesterday I got a call asking if we carried “Pill Supplements” – really random!

  2. That’s hilarious…Why would they think a major Christian music distributor is a CRACKER BARREL?!

  3. Nikki, I’m SO glad you told that story! I actually STILL tell the leotard story in various settings when it fits… that’s my favorite… and I wasn’t even there!

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