Life Lesson #2409: Bringing a Newborn to a Downhere Concert Does NOT Work

So…that lesson pretty much speaks for itself.

Last week we found out – via e-mail – that our church small group scored free tickets to a concert by the band Downhere. I was so excited at the prospect of going to a concert that I immediately responded with an enthuastic “count us in!”. Our small group leader procured the tickets, and all was set in stone.

A day or two later I remembered that I am the mother of a nursing newborn who has not yet taken a bottle and eats no less than every 2 hours.

[Translation: getting a sitter for her was out of the question!]

We weighed our options and decided to get a sitter for W and attempt to bring sweet baby S to the concert.

I won’t even attempt to explain our line of reasoning, as it was clearly clouded by the lack of sleep that has sweetly plagued our home over the last 3 weeks or so. I’ll just say that we went to the concert, and by the middle of the opening act’s first song, daddy and S left for the lobby.

It was just a little loud.

Daddy was kind, and encouraged mommy to stay for the opening act, as well as the first song by Downhere, before turning back for home.

HOWEVER…in spite of missing most of Downhere’s set, I happened to fall in love with their first song (have I mentioned I didn’t know any of their music prior to the concert?), and was excited that, upon arriving home and rummaging through my “CDs to Give Away” bin, that I own 2 of their albums! SCORE! So all was not lost. I got to hear some good, live music, and discover a potentially favorite new band.

Anyway, the song I fell in love with was called “Cathedral Made of People”. I found this YouTube video of them performing the song…the lyrics are a bit muffled, so I’ll post the lyrics too. Enjoy!

“Cathedral Made Of People” Lyrics [edit]
by Downhere | from the album Ending Is Beginning

If they shut down the churches,
Where would you go?
If they melted all the stained-glass windows
Replaced every sanctuary with a condo
Where would you go?
Where would you go?

We are a cathedral made of people
In a kingdom that the eye can’t see
We’re a house, we are the bride
Where God’s Spirit lives inside
And nothing ever could stand against her

If they burned every Bible
What would you know?
If they tore your marked-up pages
How would you grow?
And declared your devotion to be criminal
What would you know?
What would you know?

When they throw you in prison
What will you do?
When they hate you for the things that you know are true
They can tear down this temple,
But they can’t touch you.


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