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Not Me! Monday

For months I have been wanting to take part in MckMama’s “Not Me! Monday” (which happens most every Monday), but without fail, whenever a Monday would come along and it was time to do it, I couldn’t think of anything to contribute. Not that there wasn’t anything I could have contributed; I just couldn’t remember.

Not this week, my friends. The stars have aligned and I actually can think of a couple of things to tell you about…

…now, some of you are probably scratching your heads, wondering what in the heck “Not Me! Monday” IS. Well, to put it simply, it’s an invitation for people to blog about things they absolutely, positively, most certainly did NOT do recently.

(Might I add that you might need to be somewhat well-versed in the art of sarcasm to fully appreciate the wonders of “Not Me! Monday”. A-HEM.)

So without further ado, here are a couple of things I did NOT do this week:

• I did not leave the remains of my lovely 4th of July jell-o/strawberry/blueberry dessert in the fridge for almost a week, then take it out and put it next to the sink to be washed. I then did NOT procrastinate in washing the dish it was in for a few days, and most certainly did not finally clean it today only to discover it had become a virtual petri dish. Nope, not me!

• I did not take advantage of the fact that someone had left their “Michael Jackson History” CD here over the 4th by playing it for my 1 year old son this week as “dance music”. I also did not agree to play the “scary song” (that would be “Thriller”) over and over for him because he loves it so much. I also did not teach him the moonwalk. No, no, no. Not me.

• I am not re-reading Harry Potter book 6, and am not giddy as a school-girl for the movie to be released on Wednesday. And my husband and I are certainly not nerdy enough to be planning a matinee date to see it.

• there is not an open box of Cookie Crisp on our kitchen counter that I have been periodically dipping my hand into.

• nor is there an open bag of chocolate chips in my cupboard that I have been stealing from. No Twizzlers, either.
I always snack responsibly.

Phew. That is all. Just look at all the things I didn’t do this week! Yay me.

Now it’s your turn. What HAVEN’T you been up to? Do share.



Pick-a-Pile with “M”

Last night I was flipping through the photos on my camera only to discover that apparently my sweet husband decided to play his own game of “pick-a-pile” (where you take a picture of the mess, clean up the mess, then take another picture of it).

This last weekend we hosted the family 4th of July bash at our house, you see, and while it was a blast and we loved hosting, things got a little messy (as things normally do after you host a bash at your house).

Sunday was a busy one and we didn’t get around to cleaning up…which meant that more mess accumulated in our kitchen…so I opened my eyes Monday morning, dreading the thought of having to clean it up — but soon learned that my sweet husband had already awakened, cleaned the whole mess up for me, and took pictures of it to boot! Yay!

Here’s the “Before” of our dining room table:


…and the “after”:


And the “Before” of our kitchen:

IMG_1969…and the “after”:


Now doesn’t that just make you feel better?! I know it does me.

Thanks, sweetie! 🙂

Hello, Dolly

IMG_1960IMG_1949My friend Karin made S this beautiful woolen dolly affectionately named “Poppy”. Isn’t it cute?! S has been snuggling with Poppy for much of the day. She even fell asleep with her. Thanks, Karin! 🙂