List: My Memories of The Metrodome

I’m probably one of the only Minnesotans who is truly sad to see the Twins leave the Metrodome. What can I say…I’m hopelessly sentimental. Here are some of my Dome memories:

1. My first game there: April 28, 1988, Twins vs. Tigers (how ironic). This was the first time I set foot in the dome (why it took 9 years I’m not sure). I’ll never forget how vast it looked! This is also where I got my first homer hankie.

2. Dome Dogs — especially when they came wrapped in the foil. I’d unwrap it, lather it up with ketchup, mustard, relish and onions, then wrap it back up so it got all mushed together before I’d eat it. Yummm. I’m not a big hot dog person, but I loooove me a Dome Dog.

3. Twins 91 world series (viewed from the TV). Watching Kirby make that amazing catch in game 6 and watching Dan Gladden run home in game 7. I jumped up & down. Nothing will ever beat that.

4. Going to a 14 inning game on July 4, 1992 with the Molines & Littles. Stayed for the whole thing. Twins won. Monica & I nicknamed Chuck Knoblauch “Chuckie” (original).

5. Countless evening games with my family on “Twins family night”…sitting in the upper deck in front of the Jumbo-tron.

6. The first time I sat in the lower deck — in season ticket seats, to boot. I went with my friend Julia in 8th grade and we sat a few rows in on the 3rd baseline. They played the Oakland A’s.

7. Twinsfest.

8. The windy door and my hat flying off the first time I walked out of it.

9. Bob Casey.

10. Pondering life while staring at the scoreboard.

IMG_2483_2…crossing my fingers for one final World Series win at the Dome (how awesome would THAT be?!)…


One response to “List: My Memories of The Metrodome

  1. I agree, I will miss the dome. I love a good dome dog and the wind at your back when you leave. I also love a roof over my head and not freezing in April or October. 🙂

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