Things I Love: Grocery Delivery

OK, so earlier today I Tweeted/Facebooked that I had just placed my grocery order and had spent only $57 on $108 worth of groceries . Not surprisingly, I received a lot of responses, most of which boiled down to one of these two questions:

1. “How did you score such a great deal?”

2. “What do you mean you ORDERED your groceries?!”.

So I thought I’d scribble out a quick blog to explain!

For several months now I’ve been ordering my groceries from a place called Coborn’s Delivers, and I LOVE it. I simply log-in to the website, place my order, and a big yellow truck delivers it to our door the next evening. Done. No trips to the grocery store. No navigating the narrow aisles while people obliviously block the aisle with their carts as they slowly make their selections. No staring aimlessly at row after row of canned tomato products. No bagging it all up, loading it into the car, unloading it from the car, etc. (Can you tell I’m not a fan of grocery shopping?). The delivery fee is $5 — and the deliverymen don’t accept tips (which the conveniently spell out on their website!).

The prices and selection, on the whole, are comparable to what you would find in a typical grocery store (with a few exceptions). They also offer lots of incentives and special deals to watch for, and they accept regular coupons. Also, I’ve found it easier to watch my money, as I am much less likely to impulse-buy, and I can keep track of my total as it tallies up in the sidebar while I shop. If I see it getting to high, I can always adjust accordingly.

Seriously, I used to think it was kind of wimpy to order groceries (I’ll admit it!), but you know what? Since I’ve  had tiny little kids of my own, this has made my life SO much less stressful. Truly! It’s one less errand I have to run, leaving me more time to spend with my family instead of stressing out over what to feed them!  In my book, that’s a good thing.

Oh, and to those who wondered how I scored such a  great deal on my bill today, I must confess it was kind of a fluke — I’m not THAT good of a bargain finder. Coborn’s simply has some awesome coupons going this month. On top of that, I randomly discovered at check-out that I had $40 of credit coming to me from Coborn’s from a long-ago promotion! I’d totally forgotten about it. So, between the coupons and the credit, I saved me a pretty penny today. 🙂

OK, hope that answers your questions! What about you? Have you tried grocery delivery? Has it worked for you?

p.s. reading over this, I totally sound like a Coborn’s spokesperson! I promise I’m not (though if they’d like to pay me, I’m game… :)).


One response to “Things I Love: Grocery Delivery

  1. I used to use Simon Delivers. One of my favorite things about it was the weekly list. Does Coborn’s Devliers also have that? I could put on it the things that I bought frequently and have them all added to my list with one click. Then I could delete the few things that I didn’t need that week.

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