6 Years Ago…

6 yrs ago yesterday I sang “How Beautiful” in church.

When I got to my chair after the song, I realized I was sitting in front of the guy I’d been quietly noticing at church.

His name was M.

We talked for 2 minutes after the service.

He thought he’d messed up.

I thought I messed up.

That night I went to a party and told my friends I thought I’d messed up.

When I got home I saw I had an e-mail in my in-box.

I thought it was junk.

I almost deleted it.


Something inside told me not to, so I clicked it open.

It was from M.

I freaked out.

The next morning I was home sick from work but I watched “Anne of Avonlea”.

It was one of my all-time favorite romantic movies.

I watched it because I was in a romantic mood —

Somehow I knew life would never be the same.

And it wouldn’t be. 🙂

Happy Anniversary of Our First Conversation and E-Mail, Sweetie!!! I’m so glad you talked to me!!!

(note: this time of year holds many random and obscure anniversaries of our relationship. Seriously, I drive him batty by remembering each and every one.
Still, I will not stop. 🙂



One response to “6 Years Ago…

  1. Nikki! I LOVE this post! 🙂 I remember all those dates in my relationship/marriage with Casey — it’s so fun to have even the “little” (which really aren’t so little when we think about it) things to celebrate!

    Thanks for sharing your life through friendship, Nikki! You and Mark are blessed — and God is GOOD!

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