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Ever Wanna Hide?

I’m not generally what you would call outgoing. Sure, I enjoy meeting new people and I warm up fairly quickly when making new friends — I’m just not big on approaching them FIRST. It kind of freaks me out. OK, it REALLY freaks me out. Holy fear of rejection, Batman! Looking back, I think this is why most of my closest friends over the years have been extroverts — they approached me first!

Yeah, confidence is not exactly my strong suit — the confidence to act on the spot, without a script of some sort, at least. Put me up on a stage, give me a script to recite or notes/words to sing — I’m good. Otherwise, um, no thank you. Gotta have a script. This is why I will never be in Comedy Sportz or any other improv troupe (also I’m not that funny, but I digress)…

ANYWAY, the reason this is all coming up for me is that the neighborhood Bible study I am a part of has decided to put on a little Christmas tea for the ladies on our street in a few weeks…just a time to gather together, get to know one another better, read the Christmas story and ponder the true meaning of Christmas. It will be a nice time and I’m really looking forward to it. The only thing I’m terrified about is that I’ve been asked to deliver the invitations. By hand. Door. To. Door.


I’d be totally comfortable with designing the invitations…or addressing them and popping them in the mailbox…or even putting together a little e-vite…but hand delivering them? Offering my neighbors (most of whom I’ve yet to meet or don’t know very well) a warm smile, and an unscripted invitation to our gathering? I’m nearly breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it. Or hyper-ventilating a little. Or both.

It’s in those types of situations where the lies start to pour in, isn’t it. The insecurities. Suddenly I’m hyper aware of my extreme and seemingly-constant awkwardness, or how funny I might look, or how unfashionable I am. Stuff I normally wouldn’t care about suddenly is magnified and my tongue gets all tangled up.

SO….this is exactly why I told my neighbor who asked me that I’d be happy to do it. I told her it scares the living daylights out of me, but so help me I will do it.

Goodness, if people DIE for their faith, surely I could hand out a few Christmas tea invitations!


What about you? Have you ever resisted the urge to hide? How’d it go for ya?


Blogs I Read: El Salvador Trip

The authors of 2 blogs I follow — The Pipers and Kelly’s Korner — are on a “blogger” trip in El Salvador, learning and seeing firsthand the work that Compassion International (one of my favorite organizations) is doing there. I encourage you to follow along their blogs this week as they describe their journey. I’m excited for this chance to get to look through a “window” into what is in so many ways a whole other world…


List: Comfort Movies

Last night I Tweeted/Facebooked that one of my “comfort movies” is “Dan in Real Life”.

…and by “comfort movie”, I mean something that I’ve seen many times, is easy to watch, pleasant, pretty clean, and doesn’t require too much emotional energy (which, for me, rules out anything TOO dramatic, sad or violent).

You know, like “comfort food”, except in movie form.

A few of my other comfort movies include: While You Were Sleeping, That Thing You Do, Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, You’ve Got Mail…and probably loads of others I’m forgetting.

(note: I didn’t say they were all GOOD movies!)

These movies feel like old friends.

What about you? What are some of your comfort movies?