Bunk Beds!

This last weekend we scored a great deal on a bunk bed/dresser set for W’s room!

It has always been our plan to eventually find some sort of loft bunk bed set for him, but we hadn’t been thinking it would happen for another few years. However, M’s dad is a volunteer driver for Bridging (a great organization), and during a pick-up at a consignment shop the other day he spotted this amazing deal for us! So we headed to the consignment shop first thing Saturday morning, and…SURPRISE! W got his bunk bed set a bit earlier than planned. 🙂

Here are some pictures of his newly re-furbished room:

(*this last photo is the view from “inside” W’s bed. He was a little nervous at first to have all these “scary eyes” looking down on him…so we somehow convinced him to think of them as “silly eyes” instead. :)).


On a separate note, I want to thank all of you who offered such kind encouragement on my last post! My goal in posting was simply to share a piece of what freaks me out about stepping out of that ol’ “comfort zone” and see if any of you ever struggle with that, too…but I was so blessed and surprised to get so much encouragement in response. Thank you. 🙂 As of today, the invitations are in hand and I have plans to bundle the kids up and deliver them sometime tomorrow…here we go! 🙂


3 responses to “Bunk Beds!

  1. Nice room! That last spot (inside the bead) might be a good spot for a picture!

  2. What a beautiful bunk bed set!! (We have been wanting to do something like that for our boys too… biggest issue is the ceiling fan… hmmmm.) I think that shows W’s very creative brain, that he would see “eyes” on the wood that faces his bed!

  3. That is such a blessing! Wow look at all those drawers! Places for all of Will’s “treasures”. Little boy treasures are so fun. The things my boys collected kinda helped me see their world through their eyes…
    And then when you come across one of their treasures years later, it all comes right back… : )


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