Here’s a little thing I picked up at Marshall’s today.

It was so weird. And ugly. And bizarre. And cheap. How could I not?

Because every tree needs something that says:

“Merry Christmas from a Creepy Baby Dressed as a Lamb
while Wearing Mickey Mouse Ears”.

(*please also note the inexplicable “A Star is Born” phrase at the bottom of the ornament — backwards cuz I used my computer camera).


5 responses to “Huh?

  1. The transvestite angel and the creepy baby are awesome.

  2. This has “white elephant” written all over it. Save it!

  3. Ah! So what’s even wierder is that the creepy baby is actually from a Department56 line of products called “Snowbabies”.

    What the heck?!

  4. Oh my that is weird! Seriously! I wonder who buys those…oh yeah 🙂 Just kidding..too funny!

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