Random Thought of the Day: Remember Complaining About High School?


“I can’t believe I have to just SIT here and LEARN all day. Ugh. I mean, I have to go to this place all day with all of these other friends my age and do nothing but learn, learn, learn about things like history and art and science and literature and music and all that boring stuff. Oh, and then they MAKE me READ, too! Can you believe it?! Sometimes I even have to read ridiculously confusing things like poetry by great American writers or Shakespeare or even occasionally a Jane Austen novel. How dull! I mean, when am I ever gonna use this stuff in my life, EVER?!”.

Sound absurd to anyone else?

Totally makes me realize that I need to appreciate my days of screaming babies and messy diapers and sleepless nights. I’ve got a feeling that 15 years down the road,complaints about such things will seem equally as absurd!

(*please note that I did not include complaints about math-related classes in my “absurd complaints” paragraph. There is no such thing as an absurd complaint about math; all math is equally worth complaining about. HA! :))

2 responses to “Random Thought of the Day: Remember Complaining About High School?

  1. From the standpoint of the complaints of a teenager, I mostly remember thinking it would take FOREVER to be all done with school. I remember, in several different school-years, counting the number of years I had left of school…. and then I’d be free! 🙂

    And yes, I can relate to the revelation that my/your/our complaints about mothering small children will someday seem absurd. 🙂 I compare it to that phrase “can’t see the forest for the trees” — my face is smack against a tree, and I simply cannot see the rest of the forest! Actually, my best analogy of where I’m at right now with mothering is of laying in a garden with my face buried in a pile of manure… all I can see, smell, feel, etc. is manure…… barely aware that my lovely little plants are growing because of the wonderful fertilizer I am so overly aware of at the moment….. 🙂

    Someday we’ll look back and laugh (or maybe roll our eyes a time or two….)

  2. Agreed, Sara! Raising kids is SUCH a joy (way, way, WAY better than high school — should’ve clarified that), but I have a feeling that even the tougher parts of the job that are so easy to complain about will one day be treasured. 🙂

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