What Do YOU Do? : Children’s Bibles, Family Devotions and Such

So…as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not big on resolutions —  I’m not very good at keeping them, that is. However, with the year still new and because I have found fresh inspiration from sites like OrganizingYourWay and SteadyMom, I’ve decided that I really do want to stop and re-evaluate and tweak the way I do a lot of different things — particularly things that have to do with homemaking, parenting, etc. Is that a resolution? I’m not sure.

Annnnyway…I thought I’d start this little “series” on my blog called “What Do You Do?” (WDYD for short :)), and I would *LOVE* for you to participate. I’m hoping to not only get ideas (selfishly :)), but I am hoping that maybe we could all get ideas from eachother as we share what we do!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I’ll throw out a topic along with any thoughts, ideas and/or specific questions I have on the topic.
  2. You blog your thoughts on the topic, including a link back to my blog post
  3. Leave a comment on my blog including a link to your blog post
  4. If you don’t have a blog (or don’t feel like blogging about it), just leave a comment! I still want to hear from you!
  5. Be sure to check out all the other bloggers who have participated!

Without further ado, here we go…



Kind of an unusual topic to start out with, but one that came to mind today!

OK, here’s the deal. W is now 2, so he’s really just starting to gain a better understanding of Bible stories, and we’re working on figuring out more of a regular routine for sharing them with him. However, finding a good Bible storybook has been difficult.

Here are my ponderings on some that we’ve explored (note: I’m not trying to critique them; just weighing the pros & cons):

We’ve been using The Beginner’s Bible for quite awhile. It’s a nice, simple little storybook, but sometimes it’s a little too simple for my taste…

So…after doing a little research, we got The Big Picture Story Bible. At first glance? Awesome. Perfect wording/story-length for preschoolers. At further glance? Um, WHOA. Big Picture, indeed! The idea behind it is that it ties all of the stories together to show how God’s plan for redemption runs through the entire history in the Bible — not just the New Testament. This is cool on many levels — but sometimes I just miss reading to W about Noah & the Ark! The simple stories are gone. They’re all mentioned, but kind of all woven together…hard to explain.Still, it’s a very cool, beautifully illustrated book!

Finally, it seems that everyone and their brother has recommended the Jesus Storybook Bible. This happens to be a title I scored for free during my days in Christian retail (yes, I stockpiled a few things to share with my future kids!). The idea is similar to the Big Picture Story Bible — it’s supposed to weave all the stories together to show Christ as the common thread, which is SO cool. However…has anyone else here read this? Am I the only one to be put off by the flowery language in the introduction alone? I feel kind of bad, because it is an awesome concept, but it’s hard for me to get past. What do you think? Should we give it another go?

OK, so those are the 3 kid’s Bibles we’ve explored. Does anyone have any thoughts on these titles? What Bible storybooks do/did you use with your kids? What is your routine for reading them to your kids? Do you have a “family devotions” time in your house? If so, what does that look like?


Yeah…I’ve left you with lots of questions. Now….ANSWER! 🙂


5 responses to “What Do YOU Do? : Children’s Bibles, Family Devotions and Such

  1. Hey N, it’s Rebecca! I hear you on the “resolution” for changing the way I do things in the homemaking/parenting realm. That’s something I’m really working on myself. Devotions have never been a strong point in *my* life as it’s been somewhat of a struggle for me to stay consistant but as I raise Little E I am constantly reminded that I have a huge responsability to teach him about Christ by both example and through Bible study time.

    To add my two cents worth on which book to use,…I’d have to say that while I really like the Beginner’s Bible I agree with you that it is too simple but sometimes that’s what you need so it’s worth using and having on the shelf!

    For Christmas my brother and sister in law gave us the Jesus Storybook Bible- I LOVE IT and so do they. I’m a wordy person so the flowery text draws me in. I actually was captured by the introduction. It excited me to read to Ephraim! It was fun for me AND for him. Most of all I love that it encourages readers to see the Bible as real stories of adventure, tragedy, loss and love. I loved how it was up front about the “heros” of the Bible not really being “heros” at all. They were just ordinary people who made mistakes, big ones, but God still loved them despite and their choice to walk with God meant blessings for future generations and fulfilled prophecy. Personally-that’s the book I’m sticking with for quite some time-I think it’s awesome!

  2. Hi Nikki,

    You have a great way of saying things and I love to check in with your blog once in a while. Even though I am a generation (or two!) older, I just wanted to share what I remembered growing up as it was a wonderful memory for me. When I was a little girl (probably in gradeschool) my mother used to read to us out of the Eggemeier Bible Story book. It isn’t suitable for the younger kids, but for older kids that don’t need as many pictures to help them along it was great. And many years later I still cherish those memories.


  3. Currently we read “The Beginner’s Bible” to Brandon (4) at night before bed, and he loves it. During homeschool (preschool) we read “The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes” by Kenneth Taylor — which corresponds with his lessons, but I personally don’t love it — and even though it is only one paragraph, I lose him. (Short attention span??)

    To give an example:
    “The man sitting on the chair is another of God’s kings. His name is Josiah. He became king when he was just a little boy eight years old. Now he is grown up into a big man. See how surprised he looks! Someone is showing him a Book that was found in God’s house. It is part of the Bible. The king has never seen the Bible before and did not know what God wanted. Now he will begin to do whatever God says because he has found God’s Book and can read it.”

    So it tells Biblical truths, but its not really a “translation” of the Bible. Then it’s followed by questions like, “Why is the king surprised? Where did the man find God’s Book? Do you have a Book that tells what God says? What is it called?”

    So, simplistic as it is, Brandon definitely prefers reading The Beginner’s Bible (funny how different each child is, eh?)…. and he often requests that we read multiple stories from it.

    We don’t do family devotions at this time. My boys are SO busy…. but I would like to incorporate that into our schedule within the next couple of years. I bought a book called “Little Visits With God” that I am excited to go through with them when their understanding is a little greater.

    So, I guess all in all my recommendation is to go with what you see your kids enjoying/comprehending!

  4. Ooops. I didn’t follow directions. 🙂 Oh well… next time!

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