Giveaway Winner

So…last weekend ended up being crazy, as all 4 members of our family got hit with that nasty cold-that-just-won’t-go-away bug that’s going around here. We were a sad, sorry, sight, people. Not much was accomplished last weekend aside from laying around, watching movies, snuggling, devouring cough drops, wiping little noses, and watching a sad, sad Vikings game. Now we are on the upswing, thankfully, but we are not fully recovered and I am *definitely* in “catch-up mode” right now. Needless to say, I just didn’t get around to announcing the winner to my little giveaway like I said I would last Sunday night. So I am now.

Thank you to all 3 of you who entered. Thanks to, a random number has been generated to determine the winner (yes, I seriously used a random number generator even though there were only 3 entries…dont’ judge!)…and that number is…(drumroll….)


Congratulations, Jennifer! I don’t think I have your mailing address, so just send it to me (via the “contact me” button the blog) and I will get the book out to you ASAP (which, at this rate, may not be THAT soon… ha ha! :)). Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!


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