Be Kind: Day 5

Music is an amazing thing. Powerful and personal. I’m thinking of the many mix tapes I have received over the years. One that stands out in my mind came from my friend Suzi in college. We’d worked in the kitchen at camp together that summer, and therefore had listened to lots of music together. On my birthday that year, she sent me a mix tape (yes, tape). It was the most random assortment of music in the world — everything from Anointed to Indigo Girls to PFR to Blind Melon. I loved it. It was like getting a little bit of Suzi — and memories from camp — in the mail!

SO…today I decided to make a mix CD for a friend. I’m not going to write *who* on here, because I think she might read it, but she is one of my favorite and dearest friends — a busy mom — we don’t get to talk as much as we’d like anymore (we’re just BUSY!) but maybe a little music could life her spirits on those crazyfunbusy days of mommyhood!


2 responses to “Be Kind: Day 5

  1. What a fun idea!!! Soon as Jon shows me how to burn a CD, I think I’ll try doing that for a friend too! 🙂

  2. Hey there Nikki!
    I remember the mix tape Kel gave me when we started dating …lots of old country songs…wish I still had it 🙂 I love a good mix! So cool you did it for a friend! See Ya tomorrow!

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