Be Kind: Days 3 & 4 (yes, I’m behind in blogging)

So…I have to admit my first fail in the Be Kind challenge. I had every intention of doing something nice on day 3 — but at the last second realized I didn’t have what I needed to do it. Oops. Fail. I will make up for it later.

So…onto day 4.

Baking has power, doesn’t it. I’m thinking of the time two Christmastimes ago when I came to my door at the end of a long day of shopping to see a cellophane-wrapped plate sitting on my door stop. My neighbor Jane had made us an assortment of cookies and dropped them off for us — including two of her fabulous brownies! Jane is a wonderful baker and her thoughtfulness put a smile on my face.

With that in mind, I decided to bake a batch of cookies for my wonderful husband. If I haven’t written about it, I happened to marry the most wonderful, thoughtful, honest, selfless, fun guy around. And he loves cookies. So I made him some. And I saved him some dough (of course I have to admit that – ahem- I MAY have eaten some of the cookies…and dough…myself. So my intentions may not have been completely pure…!).


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