“Be Kind Days 6 – 14″ or ” On Shame”

Have you ever neglected your blog for longer than you intended to?

Have you ever done so even though you were in the middle of a “challenge” in which you’d agreed to write a blog about something kind you’d done every day?

And then have you ever been so filled with embarrassment over your lack of follow-through that you only continued to not blog, causing yourself only more embarrassment as your blogging-less days increased in number (in other words, has it ever snowballed on you)?

Well, that sort of explains my lack of blog posts this week. Ha ha! It’s not that I’ve not been kind…I promise I’ve been more consciously kind than I was before the challenge. I’ve written cards for friends…sent an encouraging email to a missionary relative…e-mailed both of my Compassion kids…purchased birthday gifts and baby gifts for friends…stuff like that.

Bottom line is, though…and this is so terribly embarrassing to admit on a blog…I kind of failed at the whole “do something intentionally kind every single day” thing.

There. I said it. Mission not accomplished.

Phew. (cuz ouch, that hurt).

Still, I appreciated the challenge and it definitely did get me thinking about the importance of making a conscious effort to step outside of myself every single day. This is good. Thank you again, ThreadedBasil, for the challenge!!!

I hope you & yours had a happy Valentine’s day!


2 responses to ““Be Kind Days 6 – 14″ or ” On Shame”

  1. I think you should ‘be kind’ to yourself and not be embarrassed that you ‘failed’. Plus, I’m the one who thought it up and I didn’t do enough, either. So go eat some Valentine chocolate and feel better. 🙂

  2. Good idea. I will now go eat an entire giant solid chocolate heart. Or maybe I just did. 🙂

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