Fair Weather “Lost” Fan

Maybe someday I’ll post my thoughts on Lost (which I am, as the heading says, a “fair weather fan of”). My husband is an avid fan, but for reasons I’ll go into another time (or now: it tends to scare me and keeps me up at night :)), I’ve only watched a handful of episodes over the years. I’ve only loosely kept up with it. However, this past weekend I was determined to watch the finale live — and understand it — so I buffed up on my Lost knowledge (i.e. watched a few episodes & read lots of online episode guides :)).

I found the finale to be beautiful and tear-jerking and moving. There was also a lot of stuff I didn’t get, and I wasn’t sure at first what I thought of the ending — I was mad at first, though now I think I’ve decided it was quite nice.

Anyway, Lost wasn’t a Christian show by any means, but every once in awhile there were some beautiful scenes that painted a lovely picture of an aspect of Christianity. There was one episode in the middle of this season that my husband told me I needed to watch. I did, and I loved it…really, what I loved the most about it was this scene. Watch it and tell me what you think. And while you’re at it, tell me what you thought of the finale (if you watched it :)).

(Here are the basics you need to know to get this scene: Ben is a bad guy. A creepy, slimy, bad guy. He killed a really good guy named Jacob. Ilana was a follower of Jacob’s, and has been holding Ben captive, making him dig his own grave so she could kill him and put him in it. Then Ben escapes. She starts chasing him. And the scene begins…) (oh, you also need to know that when they talk about “Locke” they are talking about the really bad guys).


One response to “Fair Weather “Lost” Fan

  1. Ah yes… Lost. I have gotten caught up in it at times, but never for very long (unsure why, other than time contraints). I, too, found it creepy at times… yet so fascinating! This is an interesting clip… it speaks grace to me. I didn’t see the finale, though… I’ll bet it was really good!!

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