A Happy Ending

Remember my sob-story of our quest to obtain a certain vintage movie projector for M’s office? Well, it just occurred to me that I forgot to provide an update to the tale.

Observe M’s office shelf as it currently appears:

Yes, we found one!! One thing I love about my husband is that in the face of defeat he is filled with determination. The very night of our ill-fated trip to Bachman’s, M hit the internet hard in search of another projector — and within a couple days, he located one — for the exact same price as the one that slipped out of our hands at Bachman’s!

The best part is that it came in the original case with some original accessories:

Father’s Day Gift = WIN!

(can I still count it as his Father’s Day gift even though he did all the work to find it? Hmmm…)

Seriously, I am so glad he was able to find one. Now his office area is all decked out, ready to inspire him in his video work! He’s got lots of great video ideas and projects up his sleeve, I am excited to help add just a teeny bit of inspiration to his work area. 🙂


2 responses to “A Happy Ending

  1. That is so cool! I LOVE it! How could he not be inspired with that baby! Pressure is on 🙂

    Oh & it is TOTALLy still a Father’s Day guft if he did all the work….that is the best kind!

  2. Awesome! And it looks so cool on his shelf! 🙂

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