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What Do YOU Do? : Groceries/Meal Planning

I have recently decided that this summer shall be dubbed “The Summer to Get Organized” (I was going to call it “The Summer to Get My Act Together”, but “The Summer to Get Organized” has a more positive ring, don’t you think?).

What’s in store to get organized? Our house. Our stuff. My systems for organizing said stuff in said house. My systems for cleaning/laundry/etc. Schedules. Communication. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Oh yes, and the fun task of food planning/shopping/etc.

Bottom line: I need to come up with a system for planning/shopping that is somewhat simple *and* cost-effective. As much as it pains me to say it, having my groceries delivered to my door, while handy, is proving *not* to be the most cost-effective option each week.I definitely need to tighten up the ship in that area…but I don’t know how.

So I’m wondering…What Do YOU Do?

Do you plan meal menus? If so, how far in advance (a week? 2 weeks? a month?)

How do you handle your grocery shopping (how often to you go; do you get your dry goods at one store & produce/perishables at another, etc?).

Have you found any good, healthy (read: safe), reasonably-priced options for organic food (produce, etc.?)

Do you utilize coupons?

You get the picture.

Now I turn it over to you, and I BEG you for your answers encourage you to tell me true:

Just What Do YOU Do?!



For the past several months I have been subscribing the blog for a place called “Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center” — a clinic and a place that serves needy, (often malnourished) children.

It seems to be a wonderful ministry, but I won’t lie — the blog is heartbreaking to read. HEARTBREAKING. I often find myself in tears after reading it. It doesn’t sugar-coat the pain, suffering and poverty that often occurs there. Many children find physical health and healing there, but not all of them do. Many end up in the arms of Jesus.

As difficult as it is to read, though, and as tempted as I have been to “desubscribe” to it — it would be so easy to shut this kind of thing off and pretend it doesn’t exist — I won’t let myself. I know it’s good for my soul to see this stuff. It puts things in perspective.

It can be easy for me to start feeling inklings of discontent: My kitchen cupboards are outdated. My house is old. My Old Navy/Target clothes aren’t the most stylish. My kids often wear hand-me-downs. My computer’s too slow.

Whine, whine, WHINE.

Then I read RHFH’s blog and it puts it all in perspective for me. I have nothing to complain about. NOTHING.

I have a house. I have clothes. I have food. I have a loving husband and healthy children. I have access to good medical care.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out their blog. Also, Noel Piper recently visited the center and has blogged a bit about it.

Your heart may be broken, but in the best way possible: for some of that which breaks the heart of Christ. May it move us all to deeper prayer and greater hearts to serve those in need of Jesus’ love!