Our New/Old Dining Room Furniture (+ I Need Your Help!)

It has been a crazy few weeks here at our house this summer!  There’s lots to blog about…but soon enough.

Today I’m just going to post pictures of our brand new/old dining room furniture…because I know how much you ALL want to see it (that was sarcastic :)). But really because I am quite jazzed about it — also, I can’t sleep, so what better thing to do than post pictures of our dining room?! 🙂

How can dining room furniture be new AND old, you ask? Let me explain.

M’s sweet grandmother passed away almost two years ago, and we were so privileged to receive her dining room table and chairs. We love sitting around the same table that served her family for so many years.

We always knew we’d probably make a few adjustments to it, though. The chairs were lovely, but starting to break a little, and the seat cushions were white. We have toddlers. Need I say more? 🙂

Long story short, we decided to stain the table a darker color and get new chairs to go along with it.

M’s parents were gracious enough to take on the project of sanding and staining the table. They put a LOT of work into it, and it turned out great!

Then, this past weekend we stumbled upon some chairs we LOVE (and just happened to hit the store’s 4th of July sale). We ordered them and they arrived today.

Hence…our new/old dining room!

Before Picture:

After Pictures:

So there you have it. It feels SOOOOO good to have that long-awaited project done (even though we have others to thank for all the work :)).

What kinds of summer projects are you working on around your house?

*I do have one question for you all, though. Our new chairs do have cloth seat cushions — not white, mind you, but cloth nonetheless. I am looking for some kind of product that we could use to put under W’s booster seat to protect the cushion (some kind of cushion cover? mat? oil-cloth somethin’-somethin’?). Does anyone have any ideas for a product that could serve such a purpose? Let me know!


6 responses to “Our New/Old Dining Room Furniture (+ I Need Your Help!)

  1. Looks beautiful!!! 🙂

  2. Looks awesome! One idea – Walmart sells some clear plastic “tablecloth” material. It comes on a big roll and you buy as much as you need. Perhaps you could get some of that and make a covering. I think it may even come in a couple different thicknesses. At least it used to. We used it to cover cloth table cloths. Blessings.

  3. Hey Nikki it does look great!!!! I too love the idea of all the family that sat around there! You might want to write some family history on the underside so no one forgets the legacy around that table. 🙂

  4. Your “old” new dining room set turned out beautifully. I love restoring old things almost better than buying new. The memory-thing is part of the beauty. Congrats!

  5. Your dining room table turned out gorgeous!! And the new chairs add a whole new ‘modern’ feel to the room — love it! I don’t have any ideas for Will’s chair besides what Jennifer wrote (although I didn’t know they sold it at Walmart… good to know!).

  6. Wow! That looks amazing.

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