Trash or Treasure?

A few weekends ago we spotted this trunk as we were driving by a garage sale a few blocks from our house. It fit a “vague vision” we had for a piece of decor for our house. And they were willing to give us a bargain. So we bought it.

It’s old. Very old. Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

You can’t see it, but stuck to the bottom is a newspaper clipping dated 1927 — which, I think, the trunk is even older than.

Our living room is currently an open play area, but eventually — once we touch the trunk up and (literally) soften the sharp edges  — it will serve as a coffee table.

I like to think that if I were ever to take it on that “Antique Roadshow” show, their jaws would drop and they would tell me it is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. But I think I’ll humor myself and just let that idea hover in my imagination.

Because for now it has a plant and magazines on top (not pictured) and sits proudly along our wall, somehow completing the room.

And I don’t want to sell it, anyway.


2 responses to “Trash or Treasure?

  1. Nikki, I love your trunk probably because it looks almost identical to ours. It is also a family relic that my Mom and I stumbled upon accidentally. We were in a graveyard in South Dakota in 1972 looking for family tree information when a car pulled up and a woman descended from the car asking if we were looking for relatives….the end of the story is she took us to her mother´s home to meet her and we discovered she had taught my grandmother piano lessons and had the trunk in her house “waiting”, as she said, “for some relative to come and claim it!” The trunk had belonged to my great aunt´s husband and we were so thrilled with our gift that we packed it with our belongings and shipped it to Brazil!!

  2. I never knew that was the story of the green trunk mom2. That is beautiful.

    I love your trunk Nikki. Where did you find it?

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