OK, I have lots to be working on right now. But I couldn’t resist posting this scene from earlier today.

It happened while I was making dinner in the kitchen. S was playing near me, and W came up to her and asked her to come dance with him in the living room. She went with him, and after giving them about 30 seconds I decided I should probably grab my camera and peek around the corner to see what was happening in the living room.

This is what I saw:

and then this:

and then (brace yourselves for cuteness) this:

(which, I might add, happened with NO PROMPTING from mommy!)

Of course, lest you think that it was all sweetness and gentleness, this video will show you what it was really like. 🙂 Still, their love for each other was evident, which is such a blessing to this mommy’s heart!!!


2 responses to “Dancing

  1. Very precious–how wonderful that you caught that on video!

  2. Oh goodness… your kids are adorable! — and very gentle compared to my rough-housers!!! Your sister is in for a real treat. 🙂 GRIN!

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