Now He Is 3

3 years ago tonight I woke my husband up at 2 am. I was a week away from my due date and I thought the baby had punched a hole in my belly (I was a little tired). Turns out, I was in labor. 🙂

12 hours later, this happened:


Suddenly we were parents to a beautiful baby boy, and things have never been the same…and my, how time has already flown!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of our little buddy — 3 years of his joy, his hugs, his silliness, his strong will :), and his growing heart.

I sure love everything about him and thank God for him every day!


One response to “Now He Is 3

  1. Pictures tell the best story and I loved Will’s. It’s a privilege to be a parent and such a joy to participate in the formation of a precious life! They wrap their fingers around our heart at birth and we never recover–even after they grow up and have babies of their own.

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