Life Lesson #7384: Sometimes it’s Just Good to Smile and Nod

Ever had something happen to you that was rather inconsequential yet just odd enough that you felt the need to vent about it somewhere, and the internet seemed like the best place?

Wait, I guess that’s what Twitter and Facebook are for. Hmmm.

But this little story will take more than 140 characters, so I’ll just share it here.

So, anyway, earlier today I was walking through the parking lot into Target, when a 30-something year old man, pushing a cart past me stopped and spoke to me in a friendly tone. Here is how the interaction went:

Man: Have you seen where I parked my car?

Me: Excuse me?

Man: Have you seen where I parked my car?

Me: [unsure if I heard him properly] Um…where I parked my car?

Man: No, where I parked my car?

Me: [creeped out blank stare]

Man: [breaks into hearty laughter, as though he’d just told a really good joke] How are you doing today? [Said as he started to continue on his way]

Me: Fine. [quickly moving along]

I was rather disturbed for about 3 seconds, wondering if he’d noticed my wedding ring or pregnant belly — but then, as the automatic entry doors closed behind me, I heard him beginning the same interaction with an older couple that was walking a few hundred feet behind me:

“Excuse me, have you seen where I parked my car?”


Bottom line is, I am pretty sure he was from another country, maybe new in town, and this was simply his attempt to be friendly with his fellow shoppers. Unfortunately, he apparently hasn’t yet found the fine line in American culture between being friendly and just sounding like a creeper.

Kind of sad that it’s so hard to tell sometimes. Maybe if I had to do it over again, I would have been a bit more friendly…

…no, if it happened again, I think I would still move along quickly!


4 responses to “Life Lesson #7384: Sometimes it’s Just Good to Smile and Nod

  1. Yikes. That would have left me feeling really creeped-out, too. I’d have been looking in my rearview mirror all the way home….

  2. You should have responded, “Yes, I do know where you parked your car. I followed you here.”

    Also, I see this guy looking & talking like Borat. Never seen those movies, though.

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