Snow Day!

Today was the first day the snow fell here in the Northland, and boy did it make a grand entrance!

On Wednesday some mommy friends and I took our kids to the zoo. It was 68 degrees outside and we found our light jackets to be too warm.

Today this is what our backyard looked like:


We had a great snow day! We had absolutely no plans for the day, so instead of being thrown for a loop by the snow, we were able to simply stay home and enjoy a cozy day together. We read books, baked cookies, took naps (mine was perhaps a bit too long :)) and I made lasagna in the crockpot for dinner (a recipe which I will share in a subsequent blog-post).

And…of course, we got bundled up…

…and spent some time playing in the glorious white stuff outside. Daddy & W built a snowman, which W named “Na-Na”.  (S & I watched from the sidelines (actually, she spent most of our time outside trying to understand why we couldn’t play with the tricycle or sidewalk chalk :)), but she wanted in on the picture, too :)).

What a great day!

How did you spend your snow day?


3 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. Great pictures! What an idylic backyard scene at the W house! My boys would never stand still long enough for such nice pictures. 🙂 “How did you spend your snow day?” you ask…. well, Brandon (5) played outside for hours—AND went sledding with Daddy at the big hill nearby! Made me glad I forked out the big shekels for his nice, warm, water-proof winter gear at Lands’ End! Meanwhile, I took care of a vomiting Ryan (3). Poor boy had the flu all day, but seemed to improve overnight, praise the Lord!

  2. hmmm–no snow here today.

  3. So jealous!! Both of the snow and the wonderful family day you had! Sounds perfect!

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