Strawberry Shortcake & Baking Therapy

I’ve been getting into baking a tiny bit lately, which is kind of funny because if there is one room I typically try to get myself out of as quickly as possible, it’s the kitchen. The dishes. The endless dishes…

Added to that is the fact that, while I’m OK at cookies and bars, I’ve made my share of cake wrecks. I give you exhibit A:

(note: That is not a key-lime pie. it is a cookie cake. A cookie cake that, as it turned out,
was primarily filled with raw cookie dough. Ugh. )

Let’s just say I’ve made more than one last-minute trip to CUB to pick up a box of cookies when it was my turn to bring treats to the gathering. And…seriously, it just takes way less time to make it from a box, and with my crazy life these days, time is a precious commodity.

But a couple weeks ago, I made my daughter’s birthday party cake. From scratch. And it worked (after two tries. -Ahem-). And it was FUN.

(important note: anything looks pretty if you put roses on the top.)

Then, tonight, for no good reason at all other than I had whipping cream and strawberries in my fridge, I made strawberry shortcake. And it was good. Really good. Like, so good I had to sit down as I took a bite good (*I don’t think that’s boasting…? All I did was follow the instructions in the recipe, and voila! :)). And it was oddly and surprisingly therapeutic. Who knew?!

Anyway, I was kind of excited about it, so I thought I’d blog about it, because if I can bake it, you can too. Seriously. You can. Try it and tell me what you think!

I used the recipe from the amazing Magnolia Bakery cookbook, but it’s posted here as well.

Cheers! ❤



One response to “Strawberry Shortcake & Baking Therapy

  1. Beautiful cake! Great job!

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