The Family Book of Advent

There were giggles in our living room the other night. They emanated from my pajama-clad kids as they watched the orange balloon swirl and sputter aimlessly about the room in a merry, joyful dance.

We’d just been reading about joy, you see — the joy of the Spirit of God. How it fills us. How it filled the babe in Mary’s cousin Elizabeth’s womb, so that even the unborn John the Baptist couldn’t help but dance for joy. How sometimes His gladness is so great and so powerful we can’t contain ourselves — we just have to let it out. Kind of like a balloon.

So we took turns blowing air into the balloon, til it was round and full — then, WHOOOSH! Let it go into it’s crazy, joyful, noisy, giggle-inducing swirl. 

What a perfect, memorable illustration. I got it from this fabulous book: “The Family Book of Advent”, by longtime friend Carol Garborg.

I’d had my eye on this book for awhile, so when Carol asked if I’d be willing to review it, I jumped at the chance! Advent calendars/devotionals that are designed to help little ones really grasp the true meaning of the season have been hard for me to come by — most seem to be focused on either the commercial or adults/older children — so this really hits the spot for me. 25 days of devotions, illustrations and simple activities (using mostly basic, household items) to help get kids excited for what Christmas is REALLY all about. Just paging through the book gets me excited!

(plus, it’s just a beautiful book!)

I’m definitely planning on giving this one a go with my kids this year — maybe it’s something that would work for you, too!

“The Family Book of Advent” by Carol Garborg is available at many Christian bookstores. You can also check out the website for Carol’s ministry, Faith Family Style.

Happy Advent!


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