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Project 365: Days 23-29 (sorta)

((Project 365 = Jenny at The Rigney’s idea of documenting the year by taking a photo a day for 1 year and posting each week’s photos every Saturday. Wanna take part? Start anytime & go for 365 days! Drop me a comment if you’re gonna do it!))

Well, I’m sad to say that it’s been another 4-photo week. But I refuse to feel too guilty…the whole idea is to get in the habit of photo-documenting life, which I am doing more and more of. 🙂 (plus, honestly, one of the reasons I have been hesitant to crack out the camera is that it’s all packed up & ready to go in my hospital bag, and I am *so* scared that I will take it out & forget to put it back in!)

((Still, maybe I should re-name this, like, “Project 325”? Might be more realistic for me…ha ha 🙂 ))

Anyway, here’s what I ended up with this week:

January 25 — Pretty Pretty Princess – Auntie B found some of her old dress up clothes, and S went to town. 🙂

January 26 – Proof That I Need This Book – I have no further comment. 🙂

January 27 – Verses – I recently decided to put together some “verse cards” to bring with me to the hospital — to meditate on as I labor.  I asked friends on Facebook to share with me some verse suggestions, and got some good ones! I took some time the other day to jot down the verses on some pretty pink cards. I know they will be treasured in the hospital room!


January 28 – The Screaming/Ball Game – W & S have recently made up a new game. It involves them running up to a wall, throwing a ball, then screaming hysterically. Over and over again. And over again. It’s alternately hilarious and adorable and terrifying (it’s always rather scary at first when all I hear is blood-curdling screams – then I run into the room and realize they’re just playing their game :)).