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“Be Kind Days 6 – 14″ or ” On Shame”

Have you ever neglected your blog for longer than you intended to?

Have you ever done so even though you were in the middle of a “challenge” in which you’d agreed to write a blog about something kind you’d done every day?

And then have you ever been so filled with embarrassment over your lack of follow-through that you only continued to not blog, causing yourself only more embarrassment as your blogging-less days increased in number (in other words, has it ever snowballed on you)?

Well, that sort of explains my lack of blog posts this week. Ha ha! It’s not that I’ve not been kind…I promise I’ve been more consciously kind than I was before the challenge. I’ve written cards for friends…sent an encouraging email to a missionary relative…e-mailed both of my Compassion kids…purchased birthday gifts and baby gifts for friends…stuff like that.

Bottom line is, though…and this is so terribly embarrassing to admit on a blog…I kind of failed at the whole “do something intentionally kind every single day” thing.

There. I said it. Mission not accomplished.

Phew. (cuz ouch, that hurt).

Still, I appreciated the challenge and it definitely did get me thinking about the importance of making a conscious effort to step outside of myself every single day. This is good. Thank you again, ThreadedBasil, for the challenge!!!

I hope you & yours had a happy Valentine’s day!


Be Kind: Day 5

Music is an amazing thing. Powerful and personal. I’m thinking of the many mix tapes I have received over the years. One that stands out in my mind came from my friend Suzi in college. We’d worked in the kitchen at camp together that summer, and therefore had listened to lots of music together. On my birthday that year, she sent me a mix tape (yes, tape). It was the most random assortment of music in the world — everything from Anointed to Indigo Girls to PFR to Blind Melon. I loved it. It was like getting a little bit of Suzi — and memories from camp — in the mail!

SO…today I decided to make a mix CD for a friend. I’m not going to write *who* on here, because I think she might read it, but she is one of my favorite and dearest friends — a busy mom — we don’t get to talk as much as we’d like anymore (we’re just BUSY!) but maybe a little music could life her spirits on those crazyfunbusy days of mommyhood!

Be Kind: Days 3 & 4 (yes, I’m behind in blogging)

So…I have to admit my first fail in the Be Kind challenge. I had every intention of doing something nice on day 3 — but at the last second realized I didn’t have what I needed to do it. Oops. Fail. I will make up for it later.

So…onto day 4.

Baking has power, doesn’t it. I’m thinking of the time two Christmastimes ago when I came to my door at the end of a long day of shopping to see a cellophane-wrapped plate sitting on my door stop. My neighbor Jane had made us an assortment of cookies and dropped them off for us — including two of her fabulous brownies! Jane is a wonderful baker and her thoughtfulness put a smile on my face.

With that in mind, I decided to bake a batch of cookies for my wonderful husband. If I haven’t written about it, I happened to marry the most wonderful, thoughtful, honest, selfless, fun guy around. And he loves cookies. So I made him some. And I saved him some dough (of course I have to admit that – ahem- I MAY have eaten some of the cookies…and dough…myself. So my intentions may not have been completely pure…!).

Be Kind: Day 2

Today I decided to write a note of encouragement to a friend.

On the flip side, today I was the recipient of much kindness — which gave me an idea. For every “Be Kind” activity that I blog about doing, I want to include an example of how someone has been kind to me. After all, these stories are so much sweeter than any deed I blog about doing myself. Truly, there are some wonderful, generous people out there!

Today I am thinking of my mom and sisters who are so readily available to give of their time, love and hugs to care for me and my kids when I/we need it. This morning was a (the?) prime example. They dropped what they were doing to come help me out and it blessed me beyond belief. I am so grateful to have them in my life!!!

I’m diggin’ this Be Kind thing.  It’s a good thing to think about. Thanks, Threaded Basil, for the idea!

Be Kind: Day 1

So my friend over at Threaded Basil has a great idea: something she is calling “the Be Kind Challenge”.

In short, it involves doing one random act of kindness — and blogging about it — for the first 14 days of February, leading up to Valentine’s Day.

I thought it was a great idea, so I eagerly signed up the other day to take part.

Then, this morning I saw her post reporting on her first day of the project, and I noticed that at the end there was a link to my blog (among a few others), encouraging her readers to check out what we did for our first day.

I’d love to say that my first response was “Yay, I am so ready to post about the random act of kindness that I have had in mind the last couple of days and have been just waiting to share!”.

Can I be honest with you though? This morning my response was more like “Oh crud! I completely forgot about this! What the heck am I going to do that’s kind today?!!!?!?”. 🙂

So…..yeah. Obviously I am not in the habit of doing kind deeds on a daily basis, and am in need of a project like this! I am hoping it will get me in the habit of thinking outside of myself more intentionally — something I desperately need right now, as I’ve been finding it so easy to ruminate on my own little struggles” and anxieties lately. I’m also hoping it can provide some fun little bonding time for W and I as we work on it together!

ANYWAY…enough blathering. 🙂 Here is what I did today for Be Kind, Day 1:

Valentines for Velda!

Velda is M’s great-aunt — a sweet lady who lives in a care center down in Iowa. Here’s a picture of us with her last spring:

We thought we’d cheer her up by sending her some Valentine love!

I cracked out my box of paper scraps, stickers, crayons, tape and funky scissors, and we went to work:

Then I decided I wanted to send her *something* beyond just cards, so I decided to make her a little bookmark, using some of the paper scraps I had on hand, along with a piece of ribbon and this little shoe bead that I had in a box:

So that was our day 1! Fun and surprisingly easy! We just used what we had on-hand.

I’m looking forward to taking part in this challenge — and, if you are so inclined, you should try it too! Just head over to this post at Threaded Basil for more info.