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Mall Observations

Observation #1: 2 women waiting in line for elevator: one middle-aged woman talking on her cell-phone, not visibly incapacitated in any sort of way, and one young mom with a stroller and a baby. Elevator opens. Occupants exit. Cell-phone lady hurries in. The doors begin to close. Stroller woman hurriedly struggles to get into the elevator. Cell-phone lady too busy on her phone to stop and hold the doors. Doors close. Stroller mom is stuck outside the elevator.

Observation #2: Busy parking lot. Rainy day. I have a coveted spot under the roof. I am in the process of packing the kids in the car to go home. A driver decides she wants my spot. She stops and puts her signal on.  At this point I am engaged in a small battle to get Child A to sit in her car-seat without screaming and arching her back so I can buckle her in. Child B is still sitting in the double stroller, needing to be packed in the car. Then I need to put my shopping bag/purse in the car. Then I need to fold up the double stroller and put it in the trunk. It will be a few minutes. Still, the car waits for my spot. Cars begin lining up behind her. 3…4…5. Horns are about to blare, I can feel it. 3 times I signal for her to move along. Finally she does. Phew.  I can’t take that kind of pressure.

Conclusion: The general public needs to undergo some sort of “stroller training”. Or an advertising campaign should be commissioned. “Start seeing strollers”, perhaps?


I hope this doesn’t happen to me


(This scene is from one of Mark’s favorite mini-series of the early ’80s: “V the Final Battle”.)

Keep Your Eye on the Green Subtitles