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A Happy Ending

Remember my sob-story of our quest to obtain a certain vintage movie projector for M’s office? Well, it just occurred to me that I forgot to provide an update to the tale.

Observe M’s office shelf as it currently appears:

Yes, we found one!! One thing I love about my husband is that in the face of defeat he is filled with determination. The very night of our ill-fated trip to Bachman’s, M hit the internet hard in search of another projector — and within a couple days, he located one — for the exact same price as the one that slipped out of our hands at Bachman’s!

The best part is that it came in the original case with some original accessories:

Father’s Day Gift = WIN!

(can I still count it as his Father’s Day gift even though he did all the work to find it? Hmmm…)

Seriously, I am so glad he was able to find one. Now his office area is all decked out, ready to inspire him in his video work! He’s got lots of great video ideas and projects up his sleeve, I am excited to help add just a teeny bit of inspiration to his work area. 🙂



So we heard through the grapevine that Bachman’s has some neat vintage film equipment for sale, and M was immediately interested, as he is a video guy (does video editing on the side) and has been looking for some cool stuff to deck out the office with. Thursday night we made an impromptu trip to Bachman’s, where we found this really cool looking vintage 16 mm Keystone film projector. It looked kind of like this, except black and shinier and cooler looking:

I thought it looked neat. M loved it too. But, alas, I thought the price tag was a bit too steep — not ridiculous (particularly as I think about it in retrospect); just a little more than I envisioned spending on such a purchase. So I put my vote in that we not buy it — for now — and M, being the wonderfully selfless husband that he is, agreed. After several minutes of hanging around the projector, holding it, examining it, and admiring it, we reluctantly put it back on the shelf, left and hit the antique section where we found some cool old film reels and canisters instead.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I really wanted him to have this projector. So today I decided that, one way or the other, I wanted him to get it. Long story, but I decided to make it an early Father’s Day present. So when we were near Bachman’s today, I told him I wanted to get it for him, and suggested we stop by the store and pick it up. So we parked and headed into the store, where we had a slightly painful experience.

First, I’ll say what wouldn’t have hurt. It wouldn’t have hurt if we would have walked in and found the shelf empty. It would have been a bummer, but it wouldn’t have hurt.

What did hurt was that we literally walked in just as a gentleman had taken it off the shelf and was holding it — not in a “I’m holding this to get a better look at it” kind of way; it was a much more confident “I’m holding this because I’m going to buy it” kind of way. Our suspicions were confirmed as we asked him if he was going to buy it and he assured us that he was. So we left.

And I may or may not have cried. Right there in the store.

Granted, I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is no biggie. But still I ask: does anyone have any great ideas where one might find such a film projector? Seriously. Like, I’m seriously asking. Anyone know? (*aside from EBay, of course. I am aware of EBay. :))

Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger. It seems I”ve blogged plenty of things in my head, but not many things that have made their way onto the keyboard and into the computer. I promise I will return soon with a blog…until then, enjoy this video of a Korean baby singing “Hey Jude” (this one’s for you, Sarah).

Why I’m a Single Issue Voter

hol·o·caust  [holuh-kawst, hoh-luh]  –noun

1. a great or complete devastation or destruction, esp. by fire.
2. a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.
3. (usually initial capital letter) the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II (usually prec. by the).
4. any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

We’ve got our own, modern day holocaust happening here on our very own soil. It’s one that has been quietly been taking place in hundreds of little clinics all across our nation, non-stop for the past 35 years.

The horrifying Nazi holocaust slaughtered roughly 11 million.

This one has slaughtered 42 million – and counting.

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States.

I just saw a headline that said that in 2007, abortions were down to 2.1 million. DOWN.

I raise this topic not to take issue with any women who have had abortions. I hope and pray they find healing and peace in the loving arms of Christ.

Here’s who I do take issue with:

  • I take issue with a multi-billion dollar industry that lies to women, telling them that abortion is a decision that will affect only their body.
  • I take issue with a multi-billion dollar industry that makes it’s money off of the taking of innocent life – in often brutal ways.
  • I take issue with politicians who live in denial of the slaughter and vow to keep this practice “safe and legal” if they are elected.
  • I take issue with a culture that has decided that it’s OK to let this practice continue legally – and that it’s a practice worth defending.
  • I take issue with Christians who act a little embarrassed by those who speak up about abortion and and tell me and those like me that we’re foolish to be so concerned about this issue and label pro-lifers as “right wing nuts”

This election season, there are a lot of important issues on the table. Our world is in a dire state. However, in my opinion, there are no issues so critical as this one. Nothing else – no war, no famine, no terrorist – is killing this many people legally.

Did you know we are only one supreme court vote away from being able to overturn Roe v. Wade completely?

That’s why the choice of our next president is especially critical.

This is why I will do all in my power to refuse to vote for a candidate who is pro-choice, in the same way that I would refuse to vote for a candidate who was pro-holocaust or pro-slavery. If it comes down to it, and God-forbid, I am forced to choose between two pro-choice candidates, I will choose the person who I believe will be the most likely to make a pro-life court nomination.

Thanks for indulging me as I stand on this soap-box…I simply ask you to consider these thoughts as you make your decision on who to vote for!

The Unblog

There’s really nothing I feel inspired to blog about today, yet my lack of posts over the last couple of weeks causes me to feel a bit of an urgency (obligation?) to get something posted. A time/space-filler, if you will. So tonight we’re gonna go with another “random thoughts” post, this time with a “stream-of-conscious” flair. I’m just going to string together an assortment of thoughts/feelings/news/questions/etc. — whatever runs through this crazy little head of mine. Here goes…

Christmas was nice. I’ve enjoyed working on watching my collection of Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals  (much to my husband’s chagrin). The presidential debates are interesting this year. It’s fun to find old friends, like my friend Sally, on Facebook. I found a great recipe for crock-pot taco soup, thanks to my friend Bethany. It’s delicious! Will is growing up so fast! He’s now begun using his Johnny-Jump-Up seat and his exersaucer! My friend Danielle is now married to her beloved Aaron. Their wedding was very nice and I am very happy for them! I dropped & broke my cell phone, but now I have a new one. I feel like ice skating. I am reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows and am FINALLY into it. I’m almost done! I didn’t really come up with any super-profound resolutions for 2008, but I think overall I just want to grow in being more disciplined (in personal habits and in study of God’s word) and more passionate for God. I’ve eaten WAY too much sugar this week, but I’ll admit it’s been delightful. 🙂 I have had so much fun having Mark home these past 2 weeks, and am so sad he has to go back to school on Monday! I like designing books. I love my family. God is good. I really like the new Carrie Underwood CD.

OK, that’s all I feel like typing for now. I am now tired and will be going to bed!

Thanks for reading my unblog. Please come again!

Fun Times

I’m sitting here at the dining room table reflecting on a fun and full week. Here’s the rundown:

LAST WEEKEND: Mark & I traveled to Ames to celebrate his cousin Courtney’s wedding. We stayed with his brother and family, and enjoyed a fun and relaxing weekend, culminating with the wedding on Saturday. My sister-in-law is always such a fantastic hostess…she never seems to tire of allowing guests to stay with their family (though I’m sure she must!) and our stay with them is always full of good food, laughs and conversation.

TUESDAY: My friend Stacie and her two adorable kiddos came over for lunch, and we had some good conversation – plus, her kids got to put some of our baby toys to use, which was fun to see. 🙂

Then, that night we headed down to the Dakota County fair to see my friend Ashley sing with her choir, “Special Delivery”. It was fun to see them perform, and I was so proud of her for being a part of it. It was also just fun to get to go to the fair! I’d never been to this one before. It’s essentially a mini-State Fair (tons of food, a little midway, games, animals, barns, etc.) And considering the condition I’ll likely be in by the time the REAL State Fair rolls around this year, probably the closest I’ll get to it for the season! 😦

WEDNESDAY we had a midwife appointment, which went well – Praise God! Never having been pregnant before, appointments are always a little bit nervewracking, as I have no idea if what I’m experiencing is a normal pregnancy, or if bedrest is on my horizon. You just never know! We were also quietly worried that the baby was sitting in a sideways position, and were afraid that at this point in the pregnancy, such a thing would not be good. In fact, Tuesday night I spent some time in the “Inverted Position” (i.e. sitting upside down – knees on the couch, forearms resting on a pillow on the floor). We’d heard this was a great technique for getting the baby to turn, so we thought we’d give it a shot. It looked quite comical, no-doubt, and was definitely somewhat uncomfortable, but it may have worked…? By the time of our appointment, our midwife was quite sure baby’s head was down, and that even if it wasn’t, we have nothing to worry about at this point.

We followed up our appointment with an impromptu visit to the Stone Arch bridge, followed by a drive to the campus of the U, to observe some of the wreckage from the collapse. It was very sobering, to say the least, to drive across the 4th street overpass, which lies almost directly over — well, just to the north — of the beginnings of the portion of 35 that is now rubble. Having traveled this stretch of road countless times myself (and Mark having lived BLOCKS from this spot in college), I was stunned. Who would have ever pictured this happening?

Wednesday night I stopped over at the Bloomington pool, as has become a nearly daily ritual. With the heat index so high this summer, that place has been my refuge!!! I never realized just how good it would feel on this pregnant bod to swim! Not once have I had any difficulty adjusting to the sometimes frigid temperatures of the pool water. It’s great, and I’m already mourning the fact that it will close for the season on August 19! Hopefully, by then, the temperatures will be on their way down…

THURSDAY my mom, sisters and I took a little road trip to the Medford Outlet mall. We spent the afternoon perusing all the different shops and getting some great deals in the process. I got some great stuff for baby (and me :)) at the Gap, Carters, and Old Navy outlets – including an outfit for baby to come home from the hospital in! Mostly, it was just a fun “girls day” – the kind of thing we don’t do too often (but hope we do again!).

Tonight I am on my own, as Mark is at a friends house to celebrate the upcoming wedding of his dear friend, Josh. Josh – and his fiance, Allie – are such cool people. They are both on staff with Campus Crusade, ministering on college campuses. Tonight’s “bachelor party” sounds like a neat time of fun activities planned to bless them in lots of ways, and Mark is excited to be a part of it – especially as we are so sad that we won’t be able to be a part of their wedding (it’s in Chicago and just 12 days before our due date — too close to travel 😦 ). So…I spent the evening getting random activities done. Made a stop at my old store…made a Target run to finish picking up all the essentials I’ll need for my hospital bag…stopped at Blockbuster to drop off some movies and rented a decidedly mindless chick flick (“Must Love Dogs”…I’ve heard it’s good, and it has one of my favorite actors in it – John Cusack – so it can’t be all bad…??). 🙂 So, if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to go jump into some comfy jammies, crack open my box of Sweettarts, and settle in front of the TV to watch what could potentially be a pretty dumb movie. 🙂 Goodnight & happy weekend!!

Lemon Meringue Pie

So for lunch today I stopped over at Festival Foods, where I was immediately greeted by a large display stocked full of delectable lemon meringue pies, on sale for 3.99 (instead of 8.50). I resisted the urge to pick one up, and continue with my shopping, but I could not get “lemon meringue” out of my head. I thought about buying an individual slice, but that would have cost 2.69, which would have seemed ludicrous, with a whole pie being only just over a dollar more. So I did it. I purchased a whole lemon meringue pie. And I’ve already eaten 2 pieces. And they were good. What’s extra weird is that I don’t even normally like lemon meringue pie that much. I guess pregnancy does things like this to a person!