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Free Kids Music!

If you’re looking for some fun, catchy, Biblically solid music that your kids will love and won’t drive you bananas, you might want to check out the new kids’ album the Village Church in Texas just released yesterday: Jesus Came to Save Sinners (don’t you just love how straightforward the title is?! :))

Seriously, I gave it a listen and it’s much fun. The best part? It’s free! To download it, go HERE.

You’ll notice that they also have a worship album full of their original songs available for free download on the same site, so grab that one too while you’re at it!

Wheeeeeeeee! Free music is always fun. Well, if it’s good it’s fun. And this is good, so…fun. 🙂


The Mom Song

Confession: The first time I heard this song I cried like a baby.

Um, I was also a relatively new mom & very hormonal.

Still — it’s got a good beat & I can relate to it. Maybe you can, too. 🙂

Happy mother’s day!

The Wallace Baby Greatest Hits

I like singing. It’s kind of quiet around here at times during the day, so often I’ll fill the spaces with singing to my baby; usually with rewrites* (the term “write” being used loosely) of classic melodies from the past. Here are some samples….

My Mommy Loves Me Just the Way That I Am (to the tune of My Baby Loves Me Just the Way That I Am by Martina McBride)

“Don’t need no copy of Baby magazine/Don’t need to dress like no little king/Diapers or onesies, she’s my biggest fan/My mommy loves me just the way that I am/She thinks I’m cute and she thinks I’m smart/Thinks I’m sweet and she loves my heart/She’s always saying she’s my biggest fan/My mommy loves me just the way that I am…”

Another one is “Baby Will” (to the tune of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Edelweis):

“Baby Will, Baby Will/Baby Will is his name/Baby Will, Baby Will, needs a diaper change/Oh, baby Will, how you poop and poop/Poop and poop forever/Baby Will, Baby Will/I’m so glad we’re together.”

(You can guess what we were doing as I “wrote” this song.)

You like? I’m thinking of releasing an album…


Good Music, part 1

I’ve been listening to some good music lately, and thought I’d blog a bit about it. There are 3 CDs in particular that I’ve been appreciating lately…here’s the first one:

When I was in early high school, there was a little Christian cassette tape library in the youth room at my church. One of the first tapes I borrowed from it was Susan Ashton’s self-titled album…and I was mesmerized. I thought she had the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard – so clear, pure and expressive. The songs were both memorable and singable (though I never really liked singing along with it – I knew my voice was no match against hers!). It’s also very country-ish, which I secretly liked. I kept that tape for a long time before reluctantly returning it to the library. 🙂 Since then, I’ve managed to collect the rest of her CDs over the years, but that one always remained my favorite — since it’s not exactly easy to come by anymore, though, I never managed to get it. Well, recently I finally got ahold of the CD, and have had it playing in my car. Sure enough, I’m still mesmerized. 🙂 It’s a great album. It has a certain “timeless” quality to it, and her vocals combined with the lyrics (penned by Wayne Kirkpatrick…a veteran producer in the Christian industry and, in my opinion, a genius lyricist) make for some incredible songs. Kirkpatrick has a way of writing songs that are both poetic and didactic — full of good theology that is easy to interpret, but not in a cheesy “in your face” way.

One of my favorite songs is “Summer Solstice” – here’s a sample of the chorus lyrics:

“So can you throw your arms around me and walk me home?/
I’ve wandered off, way too far for way too long/
Standing broken in this wilderness of shame/ I have found my only strength is in your name/
Oh Father, please can you undo what I’ve done/
And get me back to square one?”

My other favorite song is called “There is a Line”. I like the second verse:

“Ask the ocean where the water meets the land/
He will tell you it depends on where you stand/
That you’re neither right or wrong/
But in the regions of the soul that won’t ring true/
‘Cause truth is more than an imposing point of view/
It rises above the changing tide/
As sure as the morning sky/

Within the scheme of things, well I know where I stand/
My convictions they define who I am/
Some move the boundaries at any cost/
But there is a line I will not cross”.

Good stuff!