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It has been a long week. This baby within me is growing, as is my physical discomfort. Contractions — the painful kind — started making their appearance on Wednesday, and and have returned sporadically since then. I’m achy. I’m tired but I can’t sleep. Insomnia + achiness does not a good night’s sleep make. Going to bed has become the most un-restful part of my day. I’m tired of not being able to carry my babies or snuggle close with them on my lap, as they have been asking me to. I can’t keep my house very clean, and caring for the physical and spiritual needs of my kids has become a challenge. I have been blessed with a lot of help and understanding from my wonderful family and husband, but still — I have been ready to move on to the next stage of all of this…focused on hoping that baby N will be here soon (that hope increased by the fact that my other two babies arrived a couple weeks early) so that I can once again be comfortable and feel like the mom I want to be….

…but then I’ve been reflecting on a conversation I had on Thursday morning with a new friend from my Bible Study Fellowship group. We were talking about how I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, and though I can’t remember her exact words, she made a comment to the effect of “Just think of how bittersweet it will be to finish this stage of things”. At first I thought she was talking about pregnancy itself, so I said “Yeah…I’m sure I’ll miss feeling the baby move, and all of that…”, but then she explained that she was talking not only about pregnancy itself, but about this stage of family. These are the last few weeks (days) when we will be a family of 4 — when my two kids will be the only two kids. Once the baby is born, things will forever be different — GOOD different, but different.

So…with that thought in my mind, I want to focus on savoring this time as best I can before things change. I am uncomfortable and I don’t know how I can possibly make it for 4 more weeks until my due date…but I pray that I don’t lose sight of the fact that there is so much to treasure and enjoy, even in this moment when it’s so easy to focus on what’s next.

And I’m pretty sure this is a life lesson I’ll need to remember even after this baby has arrived!


A Drive-Thru Difference

So tonight I had a little night out, and ended up hitting the McDonald’s drive through for dinner (no, not my usual dinner of choice — but  I’d spent too much time at Marshall’s, was supposed to meet a friend for coffee in a half hour, and was in a time crunch).


So I go through the drive-thru, order my burger/fries/orange drink (because I am healthy like that), pull up to the window to pay, and the clerk says to me

“Um, the lady in the green mini-van in front of you paid for your meal, and she wanted me to tell you to have a nice day.”


Basically, I was stunned. It’s not that it was a foreign concept to me — I’d actually heard of it through a local Christian radio station. They call it the “Drive-Thru Difference”. Truth be told, though, the cynical side of me (a side which, unfortunately, is rather, uh, big) has always kind of rolled my eyes at the idea. I mean, when I think of the bigger global picture — kids starving in Africa, a cholera epidemic in Haiti, and a host of other travesties — the idea of buying someone a coffee and dubbing it “ministry” has always seemed a little silly to me. Sorry, just being real.

So I guess what I was stunned by was how deeply that little act of kindness touched me. The fact that a complete stranger would pay for my meal somehow floored me…and the suspicion that I knew why they did it was even cooler to think about.

So, what did I do? I wasn’t sure how to handle it, so I just I opened my window and yelled “Thank you! God bless you!” to the dark green mini-van in front of me. I felt kind of dorky, but I wanted her to somehow know I appreciated it. She replied with “You’re welcome! You too!” before driving off.

Of course, I can’t be sure of what her story is or what prompted her to pay for my meal — but I know her little act of kindness will serve as a reminder  to be a little more aware of  ways I can serve those around me and of of how such a simple little act of kindness can empower someone else to do the same.



A Life Well Lived

This past Friday, a young man we know named Sam passed away in a car accident. Sam’s brother and sister-in-law are very good friends of ours, as are his cousins. Yesterday there was a memorial service for Sam, during which this amazing video was shown of his testimony…I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this video and that you will be inspired, as I am, to take a look at your own life and where you are at in your relationship with God, and challenged to “let your light shine”.

Bunk Beds!

This last weekend we scored a great deal on a bunk bed/dresser set for W’s room!

It has always been our plan to eventually find some sort of loft bunk bed set for him, but we hadn’t been thinking it would happen for another few years. However, M’s dad is a volunteer driver for Bridging (a great organization), and during a pick-up at a consignment shop the other day he spotted this amazing deal for us! So we headed to the consignment shop first thing Saturday morning, and…SURPRISE! W got his bunk bed set a bit earlier than planned. 🙂

Here are some pictures of his newly re-furbished room:

(*this last photo is the view from “inside” W’s bed. He was a little nervous at first to have all these “scary eyes” looking down on him…so we somehow convinced him to think of them as “silly eyes” instead. :)).


On a separate note, I want to thank all of you who offered such kind encouragement on my last post! My goal in posting was simply to share a piece of what freaks me out about stepping out of that ol’ “comfort zone” and see if any of you ever struggle with that, too…but I was so blessed and surprised to get so much encouragement in response. Thank you. 🙂 As of today, the invitations are in hand and I have plans to bundle the kids up and deliver them sometime tomorrow…here we go! 🙂