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Hi? Remember me?

Anyone still here? Testing 1-2-3…?

Returning to blogging after long stretches of absence is always awkward. I’ll do it simply by offering the short version of my summer — the lowlight and two (very precious) highlights:

The lowlight was the illness and subsequent loss of my sweet grandma in July. It was so hard to say goodbye. She was a precious, special lady who we miss dearly and can’t wait to meet in heaven again.

The highlights were our two precious little ones. I can’t believe how fast they are growing — and how busy they are keeping me. W just turned 2 last week and is very much…2! Suddenly he’s speaking in full sentences and even coming up with witty little comments!

S is almost 6 months old and is a dark haired, brown eyed beauty with chunky little legs and sweet little dimples. I defy anyone to resist the cuteness of her puppy dog eyes — especially when she smiles! She is a doll (if I do say so myself).

Needless to say, 2 kids under 2 keep me very busy, so while I will continue blogging from time to time, from here on out they may be rather short.

I will leave you with 2 videos of my TTT’s (Two Tiny Tots):


All Things New

Welcome (if anyone is reading this) to my new blog! I’ve titled it “Stepping Heavenward” after a classic and wonderful book written by Elizabeth Prentiss. I hope to use this as a spot to share words I have found of encouragement, inspiration and challenge, and to somehow document the day to day graces and wonder that I see all around, all the time – and I hope that you will comment with your thoughts as well. God’s hand is at work…let’s not miss it, and let’s be striving to make the most of every opportunity to serve Him!