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Emily’s Sermon

NEW UPDATE: 8/28/10

Thanks to those who have been praying for Emily Grace! Her surgery on Monday went well, and though it has been a long week of recovery, with a few complications along the way, she is on the upswing & doing well! Just wanted to give that little update in case you were wondering!


Our sermon in church today was excellent, but truth be told, we didn’t really need it today.

Why? Because of Emily Grace’s offertory.

You may remember my post from a couple of years ago, asking for prayers for Emily Grace, a precious little girl from our church who was facing surgery to correct a hole in her heart.

To give you a little background, Emily is a 12 year old who has faced many, many different medical challenges over the years because of the way that her body was designed.  She is a sweet, outgoing little girl, blond and petite, with a bright smile and joy that just radiates from her.  And she loves, loves, LOVES Jesus. And she loves to sing about him.

Tomorrow morning she is facing a huge surgery. Because of her worsening scoliosis, doctors will be fusing a rod to the top of her spine and another one to the bottom of her spine, with a telescoping rod in between. For the next several years, she will be facing surgery every 6 months to lengthen the middle rod, so that her spine will be straightened. But tomorrow is the “big” surgery. It has only been performed a handful of times, and the other physical challenges in Emily’s body make it somewhat more complicated than it would be for most.

This morning Emily sang the offertory at our church service. The song was called “Still I Sing”, and was all about continuing to praise Jesus even in “the dark & cold”. And with all she has been through, she knows the dark and cold. She sang it in her sweet little voice with poise and confidence. It was absolutely beautiful. I was a blubbering mess about 3 lines in. It was a beautiful example of childlike faith in the midst of suffering that many would lead many to question and despair.

So, as you can see, we didn’t really need a sermon today. That could have been it.

Will you take a moment and join me in praying for sweet Emily Grace and her surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning at 8:00 am CST? For protection and healing and success? And would you pray also for her sweet mom & dad & little brother?

Here are the lyrics to the song she sang this morning…I pray you are touched by them as I was!

When your thoughts and plans for me,
Are beyond what I can see.
When things aren’t what I hoped they’d be,
I know you still care for me.

Still I sing when it’s dark and cold,
Songs of hope, rise within my soul.
When I am in trouble, still I sing.

Still I sing so the world will know,
You are here, and You’re in control.
Whatever may happen, still I sing.
Still I sing.

I have put my faith in You.
When I’m down, You pull me through.
When I am weak, Lord, You are strong.
I trust in You and sing Your song.

Still I sing when it’s dark and cold,
Songs of hope, rise within my soul.
When I am in trouble, still I sing.

Still I sing so the world will know,
You are here, and You’re in control.
Whatever may happen, still I sing.
Still I sing.


Pray for My Friend

Today my friend Bethany is heavy on my heart. She is a precious old friend of mine — a roommate and kindred spirit at the camp we used to work at. A true woman of God. I’ve been so happy to keep in touch with her over the years. She and her husband, Dave, have been longing and praying for a baby for years. They signed up with an adoption agency, and have spent the past several months eagerly preparing for the arrival of a baby boy…showers were thrown, she left her job to stay home, Dave built a crib, the nursery was all ready to go.

On Friday the baby boy was born. Sunday afternoon, at the very last minute, the birthparents changed their mind. Bethany and Dave had one hour to spend with the baby before they had to head home.

I can’t imagine what they are going through right now, and I won’t even try.  I just know they need prayer, as does the little baby they had to leave behind. I keep thinking of more and more implications of this turn of events, and my heart just breaks for them more and more. Will you join me in praying for this precious couple?

Baby Jude

Will you please pray with us for baby Jude?

He is a little 9 month old boy I know (actually, I know his grandparents…but I know his mom a little…) who, while at a restaurant the other day, pulled some extremely hot Curry soup onto his lap, and is now in the burn unit…and will be in the burn unit for the next month or so…with severe burns (some possibly even 3rd degree). Please pray for his healing and for his parents, as well. Apparently they are heartbroken…he reaches up to his mommy and she can’t hold him. 😦

Thank you for praying.

Pray for Emily Grace (*updated)

*Very Belated Update: Emily’s surgery was a great success. She came home from the hospital the day after her surgery, and she was even in church on Sunday, looking as happy & healthy as can be! It’s amazing what doctors are able to do these days…and even more amazing to think of what God is able to do! Yay! 🙂

Just a quick post tonight before I go to bed…

There is a precious little 10 year old girl from our church named Emily Grace. She has had many surgeries and been hospitalized many times already in her young life, but she always – ALWAYS – has a smile on her face. ALWAYS. I just saw her and her younger brother this morning, and they were an absolute joy. Precious, precious kids.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 7/15) at 12:30 Emily will be having major surgery to fix a hole in her heart. Would you be praying with me that her surgery goes well, for discernment for the doctors (they will have some assessments to make throughout the surgery to determine whether or not they should proceed any further), that the hole in her heart will be fixed, and for peace and joy for her parents and younger brother?