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A Happy Ending

Remember my sob-story of our quest to obtain a certain vintage movie projector for M’s office? Well, it just occurred to me that I forgot to provide an update to the tale.

Observe M’s office shelf as it currently appears:

Yes, we found one!! One thing I love about my husband is that in the face of defeat he is filled with determination. The very night of our ill-fated trip to Bachman’s, M hit the internet hard in search of another projector β€” and within a couple days, he located one β€” for the exact same price as the one that slipped out of our hands at Bachman’s!

The best part is that it came in the original case with some original accessories:

Father’s Day Gift = WIN!

(can I still count it as his Father’s Day gift even though he did all the work to find it? Hmmm…)

Seriously, I am so glad he was able to find one. Now his office area is all decked out, ready to inspire him in his video work! He’s got lots of great video ideas and projects up his sleeve, I am excited to help add just a teeny bit of inspiration to his work area. πŸ™‚


Random Thought of the Day: Remember Complaining About High School?


“I can’t believe I have to just SIT here and LEARN all day. Ugh. I mean, I have to go to this place all day with all of these other friends my age and do nothing but learn, learn, learn about things like history and art and science and literature and music and all that boring stuff. Oh, and then they MAKE me READ, too! Can you believe it?! Sometimes I even have to read ridiculously confusing things like poetry by great American writers or Shakespeare or even occasionally a Jane Austen novel. How dull! I mean, when am I ever gonna use this stuff in my life, EVER?!”.

Sound absurd to anyone else?

Totally makes me realize that I need to appreciate my days of screaming babies and messy diapers and sleepless nights. I’ve got a feeling that 15 years down the road,complaints about such things will seem equally as absurd!

(*please note that I did not include complaints about math-related classes in my “absurd complaints” paragraph. There is no such thing as an absurd complaint about math; all math is equally worth complaining about. HA! :))

Resolutions & Me

So I think I’ve finally figured it out.

New Year’s resolutions & me? We don’t mix too great. We hit it off well and are close friends for a few short moments before we inevitably (and usually suddenly) seem to forget about one other. Um…Ok, I forget, at least.

Example: this post of mine from last January. Remember “Bookworm Wednesday”? *insert crickets chirping here*

Yyyyyeah…so (ahem), um, I meant to completely forget about that.

(Incidentally, upon checking my Goodreads profile today, I discovered that I did read a whopping 13 books this year. Beat THAT, yo!)

Anyway, I have decided that this year I’m not making any grand New Year’s resolutions. I’ve got things I want to work on. But I always do β€” every new DAY, not just every new year. But no grand and specific resolutions.

I do want to read through the Bible in 2009 β€” which isn’t really a resolution; it’s just the kind of thing that’s especially handy to begin on January 1 since most of the reading plans start on that day (incidentally, if you’re looking to do the same, here’s a site with some reading plans along with an assortment of handy ways to access them).

Specific New Year’s resolutions, though? When it comes to that I’ve decided to follow my cousin’s lead on the subject. She has some great ideas which she blogged about so eloquently in January of 2008 and again in 2009. I like her way of thinking.

Read. Enjoy. Be inspired.

Seriously, though…you? Resolutions? Thoughts?


p.s. β€” Once again, this month I participated in Elizabeth Esther’s SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST where participants add links to their favorite blog posts (from their own blog) of 2009.Β  If you’re looking for some new blogs to try, check it out!


β€’ I haven’t blogged here in a long time. It hasn’t been because I haven’t wanted to or haven’t had anything to write about…it just hasn’t happened! I’m moving around alot slower these days, which means it takes much longer to do the most basic of things, which means that things like “blogging” get dropped to the bottom of the list. And then they don’t happen. And that’s OK.

β€’ I am 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant β€” which is officially considered “full term” β€” which means that I could technically have this baby at anytime. And I certainly feel like I will have this baby at anytime. And the midwives wouldn’t be shocked if I did have this baby anytime, as things have already started “progressing”. Now watch β€” I will be two weeks overdue. I hope not β€” I am SO excited to meet this baby girl!

β€’This pregnancy has gone by with ridiculous speed! If you told me that it was just last month when I was at the She & Him concert getting that fateful phone message from my dr. telling me I was pregnant, I would probably believe you β€” even though it was last August.

β€’ In many ways this pregnancy has been similar to my pregnancy with W; in many ways, different. I was a bit sicker on the front end of this one, and have definitely been MUCH more uncomfortable over the past few weeks. Waddling has become my normal stride.

β€’ For some reason I’ve been craving baby carrots over the last few weeks. Seriously. There has not been a time when a baby carrot does NOT sound exceptionally delicious to me.

β€’ I turned 30 since I last blogged. My wonderful hubby surprised me with a family trip to the Children’s Museum, followed by a luxurious overnight at the Sofitel. It was fantastic! We ate dinner at Salut, breakfast at the Sofitel restaurant, sat and read books in the big, poofy, comfy bed, watched “Fireproof”, and just rested. It was a lovely time of relaxation and pampering for my pregnant self! I also made a point of calling my hubby from the bathroom telephone, because there was a bathroom telephone. Right next to the toilet. Still can’t figure out why there would be a phone there. Anyway, even though he was in the next room he didn’t recognize the number, so he didn’t answer. And then for some reason the call was transferred to the front desk, so Mark got this message on his phone of the person at the front desk saying “Hello? Hello?”. And then it cost us like $2. But it was still kind of cool. πŸ™‚

β€’ It’s recently occured to me that having this baby will involve going into LABOR. Oh yeah. So excited to meet our sweet girl, but SO nervous about the labor part! I can’t decide if it’s more nervewracking to head into labor when you KNOW what it feels like (like I will now) or when you are completely oblivious (like I was the first time around). Things with W went so well, that I can only see them being worse this time around! Still, we are fully trusting and praying for a safe, healthy delivery for all of us. So I will rest in that. And I will practice my breathing.

β€’ Our hospital bags are packed and sitting by the door. So surreal!

β€’ When I look around the house these days, the word that comes to mind is “halfway”. Everything seems “halfway done”. The laundry gets started but not finished…same with the dishes…the toys on the floor…etc. I’m too wiped out during the day to conquer it all. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who comes home from longs days at work only to help keep up with things around here. Really, he’s the best.

β€’ W has been moved to a crib in his new, rocket-themed room, and his old nursery has been transformed into baby girl-land. The closet is filled with Dreft-washed baby girl clothes, tbe walls are now a light shade of green, and a light pink valance graces the window. It’s a little bizarre to stand in between the rooms, looking back and forth, realizing that each room contains a crib and a changing table β€” for the TWO children who will need them soon!

β€’ W is an absolute joy, by the way. I’m not sure how we were blessed with such a sweet little boy! His vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds and his giggles are contagious. He is either going to be an artist (he is OBSESSED with coloring) or an engineer (he is also obsessed with anything that goes “round and round”…wheels, those spinning vents on roofs, anything round….). His favorite things these days include coloring, stars, dancing, grandpas, and “round-a-rounds” (as previously mentioned). He also is good at giving hugs β€” including hugs for “bee-bee”.Oh, and he’s also become adept at pointing out any and every mess that he notices by pointing to it and saying “May-mess” (translation: “Made a mess”). From the juice that drips out from his sippy cup to the dishes I have left on the counter, this phrase has been used many-a-time to ensure that we are aware of that which needs to be cleaned up! πŸ™‚

β€’ I am loving American Idol this season. Isn’t it the best? My favorites are Danny, Allison and Matt…and I really like Kris, too.

β€’ I am also watching Survivor this season, but I’m pretty sure that M & I are the only “survivors” still watching “Survivor”. It really is a dumb, contrived show…yet somehow it pulls us in.

β€’ I want to watch “Lost”, but I’m still too scared.

β€’ I have not forgotten about the whole “Bookworm Wednesday” thing β€” except I am going to change it to “Bookworm Challenge”. That way I can post about it on any day of the week I want. In fact, consider this a “bookworm challenge” post. Unfortunately, I haven’t completed any books since I last wrote. Yeah, I’m thinking the “50 books in one year” goal was a little ambitious. Oh well…I’m still going to plug along and see how far I get. Right now I’m working on “New Moon”, “Don’t Waste Your Life”, and am just starting “Love and Respect”. What about you? What have you been reading?

β€’ My little sister left on Tuesday for 2 1/2 months in England. I am so excited for her, and so sad that she’s gone! Mostly excited for her, though. πŸ™‚ Today she toured London (Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, not sure what else…) and then traveled down to Oxford. She will spend the next couple of weeks touring various locales in England, Scotland and Ireland, followed by 2 months as a student at Capernwray Hall in England. She will be living in a castle in the English countryside. *sigh*. πŸ™‚

β€’ Finally, I am looking for a new name for this blog, and would like to recruit your help.

I’m toying with the idea of changing the title to something that fits a bit better with the picture on the header…something to do with coloring, crayons, art, etc….something that captures the concepts of living a full & vibrant life…making the most of every opportunity (ala Ephesians 4)…enjoying the fun of being a wife & mom…etc. Does anyone have any bright & creative ideas? Jot ’em down in a comment!

OK, enough rambling randomness. Have a WONDERFUL day!

Now I’m going to go raid the fridge for some baby carrots. Really.

Still Here…

Yes, to any (either?) of you who still periodically check this blog, I am still here. As I mentioned in my previous post (wasn’t that Beatles baby cute, by the way?), I’ve posted several mental blogs – just none that actually made it into my laptop. And now I can’t remember what any of them were. So…I am just going to post some random thoughts/happenings, because I don’t know what else to write about:

β€’ For my birthday, my brother Chris bought me a wonderful little book called “500 Cookies”. The title is pretty self explanatory: it’s a chunky little book containing recipes for (yes) 500 different kinds of cookies – complete with full-color photographs of each savory confection. Yum. I decided to embark upon a bold endeavor: I will bake each of the 500 cookies and review each one. Not all at once, mind you – one at a time, at my leisure. So far I’ve baked 1: the peanut butter cookie. I had originally photographed my baking endeavor to provide documentation for a blog-post about it, but alas, the photos had to be sacrified in a last minute need to free up memory space on the camera. Oh well. I will say that the cookies were delightful. πŸ™‚ I will be proceeding to cookie #2 very soon, Lord-willing. It’s a ginger cookie (can’t remember the name, though…not a snap…)

β€’ I really like the show “Little People, Big World”.

β€’ Today I felt like a true mommy. Will & I went to the grocery store. Poor little guy has a cold, so his sweet little face was rather snotty. Then I realized his little blue coat had some dried crusty food or something on the front. Then I realized that at some point while we were in the store (and I don’t know how I missed this), WIll had spit up some of his green bean lunch, leaving a large green blotch on his jeans and some greenness on his chin. Then we ran into 2 separate individuals who hadn’t met Will yet…and I wanted to yell “I really do normally keep my baby clean!”. On the brighter side, he was really very sweet the whole time, and just loves sitting in the front of shopping carts. It’s quite fun. πŸ™‚

β€’ I don’t know who I want to win American Idol. I am torn. My favorites change every week. I like them all in different ways (except Syesha…not a huge Syesha fan. And Brooke is on thin ice, too.)

β€’ Recent Will accomplishments: he gets up on all fours (almost crawling time…) and he figured out how to drink from his sippy cup (which is ever so cute)

β€’ The other night Mark & I went on a date. On the way there we stopped at some friends’ house – they gave us some neat backyard toys (a little slide and a sandbox) that they were no longer in need of, but they wanted to get rid of it before Sunday, so we took the truck* to pick it up. (*no, our truck isn’t fixed…but it’s driveable if we absolutely need to – and we absolutely needed to in order to pick up this stuff!). Unfortunately we forgot to take into account the fact that the toys had been sitting in their yard for years…and when toys sit in a yard for years, things tend to grow on/crawl through/live in them…bottom line is that it made our truck smell like…well, poop. And it just got worse as the evening progressed. Each time we got into the car – after the restaurant, at Southdale, at DQ – it had grown a bit stronger. Let me tell you, there is nothing more romantic than driving with your honey in a car that smells like poop. Thus, for the remainder of that evening our truck was dubbed “the poopy truck”. Oh yes, and the slide had a caterpillar on it, which I made Mark get rid of. ~shudder~. The good news: everything has been scrubbed down, deodorized, and is now set up in our yard for future playing fun! πŸ™‚

β€’ Recent Mark accomplishments: Killing the caterpillar for me; unloading, washing & re-assembling the “formerly poopy smelling” yard toys.

β€’Recent Nikki accomplishments: Going to bed before 10:00 pm (did this on Thursday, yay me! Update: haven’t done it since.).

β€’ Tonight I participated in a market research discussion group on granola. We talked about it…we looked at it…we tasted it…and let me tell you, there are some people who are pretty passionate about their granola! Even I found myself getting a little more fired up about granola than I normally would. Committees tend to do that to me – sweep me into the debate. The truth is I really don’t care. But some people really had their ideas on what was too sweet, what was too chunky, etc. I felt sort of silly, truth be told. I just buy whatever is on sale, and it probably has way too much sugar in it. I should probably check. But…I got paid $50 and got a free snack (granola) and a bottle of water to boot! So I can’t complain. πŸ™‚

β€’I am planning on participating in New Life Family Service’s “Walk for Life” on Saturday, May 17 in Richfield. Anyone up for joining me?

OK, I think I’ve purged all the randomness I can for the moment.

Happy Monday to All & to All a Goodnight!