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Real People

Update: Here’s more info on Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund .


This past November, as I read through blog posts like this one and this one about/by bloggers who visited Compassion’s center in El Salvador, a little something happened in my heart: I realized that sponsored kids are real people.

Duh, right? But really, how easy is it to slap that two dimensional photo on your fridge, send that check each month and simply trust that it will somehow make it’s way through a cosmic funnel to somebody who could use it? Far too easy for me.

Ever since that simple revelation, I’ve tried to be more intentional about writing more faithfully…sending pictures…having W color pictures to send…praying over our sponsored kids pictures with him over lunch. Simple, simple actions I’m ashamed to say I didn’t take much time to do before.

So when I heard the news about the earthquake that has devastated Haiti, it hit me maybe a little harder than it would have before. We have a little Compassion-sponsored boy over there. His name is Quepson. M picked up his picture at a concert we went to while we were dating and he’s been in our lives ever since. We call him “Queppy”. 🙂

Today I don’t know if Queppy or his family are OK. Last I heard there has been no word from the Compassion center in Haiti. But this I know for sure:

Quepson is a real person, in a real country with a lot of real people that are really hurting right now.

If you’re able and willing to give, you could get info on Compassion’s disaster relief fund or on Feed My Starving Children and how they are responding to the disaster….there are lots of other great organizations out there, too. Also, this site has a compiled list of several organizations and ministries that are mobilizing to aid in the cause.

Whatever we do, though, let’s all remember that they — the people of Haiti — are real. Let’s let it break our hearts, let’s act, and let’s pray with that in mind.

If one part suffers, every part suffers with it

— 1 Corinthians 12:26 (New International Version)