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Mall Observations

Observation #1: 2 women waiting in line for elevator: one middle-aged woman talking on her cell-phone, not visibly incapacitated in any sort of way, and one young mom with a stroller and a baby. Elevator opens. Occupants exit. Cell-phone lady hurries in. The doors begin to close. Stroller woman hurriedly struggles to get into the elevator. Cell-phone lady too busy on her phone to stop and hold the doors. Doors close. Stroller mom is stuck outside the elevator.

Observation #2: Busy parking lot. Rainy day. I have a coveted spot under the roof. I am in the process of packing the kids in the car to go home. A driver decides she wants my spot. She stops and puts her signal on.  At this point I am engaged in a small battle to get Child A to sit in her car-seat without screaming and arching her back so I can buckle her in. Child B is still sitting in the double stroller, needing to be packed in the car. Then I need to put my shopping bag/purse in the car. Then I need to fold up the double stroller and put it in the trunk. It will be a few minutes. Still, the car waits for my spot. Cars begin lining up behind her. 3…4…5. Horns are about to blare, I can feel it. 3 times I signal for her to move along. Finally she does. Phew.  I can’t take that kind of pressure.

Conclusion: The general public needs to undergo some sort of “stroller training”. Or an advertising campaign should be commissioned. “Start seeing strollers”, perhaps?


Huh? … part II

You all saw my creepy baby ornament from Marshall’s.

Now I have something else to share with you.

Brace yourselves…this is easily the weirdest thing I have posted on my blog. I can’t even believe I’m posting it — but how could I resist?

You, see, ladies & gentleman, it is my deepest pleasure to introduce you to…


Here’s a close-up of his expression. He doesn’t look too…um…comfortable:

The Dollar Store sure comes in handy when one is looking for white elephant gifts!

The kicker is that this lovely little piece of decor was not on the regular shelves in the store. No, no, no. It was hanging behind the check-out counter, along with a plethora of similar plaques. I actually had to ask the cashier to get it down off the wall for me so I could purchase it!

Wow, wow, wow. Wow.


Here’s a little thing I picked up at Marshall’s today.

It was so weird. And ugly. And bizarre. And cheap. How could I not?

Because every tree needs something that says:

“Merry Christmas from a Creepy Baby Dressed as a Lamb
while Wearing Mickey Mouse Ears”.

(*please also note the inexplicable “A Star is Born” phrase at the bottom of the ornament — backwards cuz I used my computer camera).


It’s been a long weekend…this made me smile. I saw someone comment that it reminded them of all the different tribes and nations dancing in heaven. Me too. Check it out:

And the Award for Ditziest Moment Ever Goes To…

Yesterday my friend Bethany was in town from Nashville, so we decided to celebrate by packing up the stroller & heading over to the zoo for the day. It was lots of fun. We…

…looked at fish (which Will loved)…

saw some camel(s) (how do you pluralize the word “camel”? Is there an s at the end or no? Hmmm…)…

…and we held some miniature buffalo. Aren’t they cute?

I also regret to report that I experienced my ditziest moment ever. While I was in the underwater paviolion, perusing the exhibits and aquariums, I noticed what appeared to be a tank containing a blowfish – and the blowfish was inflated!!! This is amazing, I thought (and said), I’ve never seen an inflated blowfish before! I marveled at it’s beauty and the intricacies of God’s creation. I wondered what the blowfish would do next, now that it was inflated. Would it “deflate”? Would it attack the little fishie next to it? I stared at the blowfish. Then I stared some more.

Then I noticed that the blowfish wasn’t moving.

Then I noticed that there wasn’t any water in the tank.

Then I noticed that the blowfish was made of plastic.

Oh my. 😦

The worst part was that, now that I think about it, I’ve been there before.

I’ve seen that very plastic-y blowfish before.

Anyway, here’s me and the synthetic blowfish after I discovered my blunder.


Oh well. It was still a fun day, and it had a great ending. We got home, and I wasn’t sure what to do for supper, when this came in the mail:

to give you a closer look:

Ah, yes. Dinner was taken care of.

’twas a good day indeed, even if I was the queen of the ditzes.

Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger. It seems I”ve blogged plenty of things in my head, but not many things that have made their way onto the keyboard and into the computer. I promise I will return soon with a blog…until then, enjoy this video of a Korean baby singing “Hey Jude” (this one’s for you, Sarah).

Meet John Daker

Most of the stay-at-home-moms whose blogs I regularly peruse are posting honest, uplifting, encouraging, productive things such as delicious recipes or household tips.

Meanwhile, I’m posting about local cable access television, practically broadcasting the fact that (at worst) I am kind of pathetic and (at best) I have a bit of a time-wasting problem that should probably be tended to.

Nevertheless, while we’re on the subject of local cable access television, here’s one of my favorite videos that I was recently reminded of. 🙂 See if it doesn’t make you laugh as hard as it did me.